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Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

My friend told me the other day that waterproof mascara is bad for you if you use it EVERYDAY. Just wondering if it's true. HELP BTers!!!

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

What reasons did she give for saying it is bad for you?

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

She said the ingredient in it that made it waterproof is bad for lashes if you use it everyday.

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

Did she mention the specific ingredient?  I know it can be drying, but many doctors say that wearing any type of mascara, not just waterproof, can be bad for you if you have problems with specific ingredients.  I have worn waterproof mascaras for over 30 years, and I have not had any adverse reactions to it.  Some people may be allergic to certain ingredients in it though, so a hypo-allergenic formula or abstinence may be necessary for them.

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

I think any mascara would be bad for you if you got them into your eyes. Same thing applies to all the makeup.

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

I think since it's hard to remove and lots of people scrub at their lashes to get it all off, more damage is done by removal than the actual mascara. Though it is a bit more drying than regular types, so maybe that's what she was referring to.

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

The only thing I can think of is that waterproof has more grip to it. So because its harder to take off, your lashes take more of a hit. if that makes any sense. But personally i think any mascara daily is rough on lashes and thats why i try not to load up the coats

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

I believe there are different 'bonding agents' that are used in waterproof formulas. If you have a good eye makeup remover, like Lancome Bi-Facil - specifically for waterproof eye makeup - you can lessen the potential eyelash fall out.

I hope I'm not wrong but I seem to remember something re: ingredients - if I'm not mistaken, I think that in years past certain mascara (and possibly other eye products) had Tar in them. I'm pretty sure I read or heard something about this quite a while back. Please forgive me if this is incorrect, don't think it is though.

It's also difficult to figure out what certain ingredients actually Are - a simple little ingredient that might have a recognizable name could have an entirely different long unpronounceable name when listed in ingredients - why?


Hope this helps a bit and I'm glad you're getting a lot of input so far. Thanks ladies, keep it coming. Smiley Happy


ps - I apologize again for the length of my above reply - didn't realize just how long it was until I hit reply and saw it there....**embarrassed-red face**

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

There were some pretty nasty ingredients in mascara many, many years ago.  My mother used mascaras with ingredients that would not be allowed today (she was born in the early 1920's, so this was a long time ago).  She never had problems with her eyes from it fortunately, but the dyes used back then were just awful.  I recently got a sample of a natural fruit-based mascara in my Birch Box.  Unfortunately, it does not even compare to the regular brands of mascara for me.

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

It really is scary to think of the ingredients that we're exposed to all the time, often unknowingly. When you look back at ingredients/chemicals that were once considered safe, it's frightening. Look at lead-based paint - it was once considered 'safe' or maybe 'acceptable', now you need Hazmat to remove it. I wonder what we'll find out 20-30-40 years from now about things we now think are safe. At least we're not kept completely in the dark these days...'s scary. Well that's enough of That! Depressing. Need to cheer myself up, maybe some retail therapy....I could use some new Leadstick......I mean Lipstick....jeez louise. Smiley Tongue

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

@aviscardi - I think you're right, daily use & especially multiple coats of mascara must be hard on lashes.

The other thing is during removal you need to be as gentle as possible since it's the skin around the more delicate eye area - the less wiping, tugging etc., the better. Smiley Happy

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

I've heard this many times over the years and I'm sure I've read countless numbers of articles about it - unfortunately, I've got No memory of the details and think I may have deleted that info from my brain so I could continue to justify using waterproof formulas.


I'm sure that others will come back with more details and there must be tons of snippets everywhere about this subject. One problem is you don't always know who/what to believe. Also, like many products (food/drink/topical products etc) what's reported as "'terrible and dangerous for you" on Monday can be "not as bad as previously mentioned" on Thursday. So, sometimes it difficult to sort these things out


I will say that waterproof products have chemicals & ingredients that are probably not found in non-waterproof varieties. Anything that's being used near your eyes or mouth is more suspect. I hate to just be an 'Ostrich''

who buries my head in the sand and ignores these things, but I do love a really good waterproof mascara. I have/use many different mascaras that have come as part of a set or are deluxe samples and are not waterproof but, my preference is still waterproof, I've not yet found a non-waterproof formula that I absolutely love. My eyes get a bit 'leaky' at times and non- waterproof is not an option at times like that.


Hopefully you can get some good info to help make an informed decision. You may feel that the info you get re: waterproof mascara vs non-waterproof is not that big of a difference or risk for you to worry about. You might also decide to switch to a more 'gentle' alternative for every day and save the waterproof-ish products for special occasions.


The fact is that everything we use, be it makeup or skincare, is full of chemicals. We never really know how a persons body chemistry will react to any product, be it short term or long term use/exposure. So if this concerns you then you might want to do some research and decide if the risks are worth the rewards. Any mascara has chemicals and it can be difficult sorting through ingredients and deciding which are the least worrisome ingredients for you.

There is a line called Kiss Me or Blinc - they have mascara that is not waterproof but it forms little 'tubes' around each lash and will stay on until you remove them using a technique with water. I Really Love this mascara when used with the coordinating primer. I don't know if this is a better option or not, it may be something you want to research. 


We're sucking in chemicals no matter what we do, you just have to try and determine which items/ingredients are 'acceptable risks' to you - that isn't an easy job. Look at lipstick, it has Lead (don't know what may be some Lead-Free or less Leaded options out there) I know that, but it doesn't stop me from wearing it. It's a necessary evil to me. If you look into it and find out exactly how much lipstick an average woman ingests over the course of a lifetime, it's scary! So call me crazy, stupid, an Ostrich or whatever. I constantly keep my eyes and ears open for the newest info and will not yet give up my Leaded Lipstick or waterproof mascara for various situations & occasions. If you don't mind, will you let me know what you end up deciding about mascara, lips etc? You can send me a PM if you like, just in case I love track of this thread. Good luck with this and I hope you get lots of good input to help you weigh the benefits//risks. Take care and I hope you'll find all the info you need, it can be Maddening! Best of luck. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

btw - sorry sooo looooong

Re: Waterproof Mascara is bad for you????!!!!

I just read an article that you should avoid waterproof mascara if you wear contact lenses because it can be irritating if it gets under the lens.

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