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Watering eyes / smudged shadow

My poor eyes water very very badly. I currently use Urban Decay primer and apply my eyeshadow but after I walk to work (25 mins. in the Washington DC humidity) my eye shadow and liner has completely faded and smudged due to my watering eyes. Mascara stays put but I ultimately end up constantly blending the shadow away with a tissue to even it out. Are there any miracle products out there to stop this?

Re: Watering eyes / smudged shadow

Thank you fabulous ladies all so much! To the doctor I will go if a CVS type eye drop brand can't fix it. Cheers to you all!

Re: Watering eyes / smudged shadow

The same thing happened to me when I use UD 24/7 liners, but no problem with the eyeshadows. I think there might be some harsh ingredient or something you are allergic to. I recommend you to try a different brand, if the same thing happens again, consult a doctor Smiley Happy

Re: Watering eyes / smudged shadow

You really should look into going to the doctor about this- I used to have that problem and it's easily controlled with a daily allergy medicine. It only started after I moved to Virginia because the pollen is different here from where I grew up. 

Re: Watering eyes / smudged shadow

If it's not due to your surroundings, you may have a blocked tear duct And a visit to your gp is in order. Explain to them that youre constantly tearing up with no apparent cause and want to know your options. 

Re: Watering eyes / smudged shadow

Hmmmm, my first question- do you remember if your eyes have always watered or if they started at a certain point?    If it's something in your environment, pollen, cats, or maybe even your makeup....? 

Re: Watering eyes / smudged shadow

I used to work in DC, and commuted from Maryland. Alot of my commute was walking, or standing on a hot metro- cause as you know, the AC is forever broken in the summer. I stopped using UD primer, and started using Too Faced Shadow Insurance and got better results. On really, really hot days, I'd use a setting powder on my eyes before, and after eye shadow which also helped alot. A former co-worker actually used stage makeup as eye shadow primer because she said it stayed put even after crazy sweats. Good Luck! 

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