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Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

Does anyone have any dupe swatches for the UD honey color? I'm utterly depressed that I haven't found anything that quite comes close to the brassiness it has, as most other colors come up as straight gold (el Dorado) or gold-brown (Baked) without the brightness.


Looking to match this with Smog, thus the focus on this being a tonal brightness.


All suggestions welcome and thank you! <3

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

Hey girl.

I just saw this, so sorry I am late to suggest.

What do you think of trying some of the L'Oreal Infallible shadows?

Now that I see them side by side, UD Honey does seem a tad bit brighter. 

What about Maybelline's Gold Rush?

Good luck on your search!



Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

The Eternal Sunshine/Gold Imperial actually looks pretty close. This search for "Honey" seemed a lot easier at the start. Smiley Happy I love all the suggestions, because I had no idea how many shades of golds there were out there. it makes me so happy. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

It is almost overwhelming to find a specific shade!

There is just too many shadows out there (high-end and drugstore!)..

I was looking at the swatches I have in my phone and I only have two gold shadows that are similar to what you're looking for, but not really....

This one is from the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip/Light Bronzer eye shadow/"bronzer" however the gold might be too pale.

I have another gold from the Body Shop, but it is even lighter than this one..

Hopefully you find what you're looking for...if I find any other golds, I shall send them your way.

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

Goodie, I appreciate it in advance! The gold from PF looks exactly like my Queen Phyllis shade. I love autumn, for pumpkin spiced everything and fall colors like these. ^-^


Bonus kitty pictures, it is themed correctly.


Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

I have Soundtrack on order, but I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with the dupe. Ulta didn't mind me coming in to swatch some Urban Decay against the Soundtrack. I found the Sila metal Comex with gilded was a breathtaking shade. Not sure if the shade was worth $64 total and my arm started itching from the glitter. rats. Also, did not see Moondust. Double rats.


Urban Decay on the Top.

Half Baked - Easy Bake - Smog (smudged) - Toasted smudged

Bare Minerals - Soundtrack

Speaker Box - Remix - Louder -Rhythm




Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

Thanks for the suggestions, and so quickly! I'll reply back with what I end up in my hands. Smiley Wink

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

Temptalia loves UD Honey and lists Inglot #430 as the closest match. Smiley Happy

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

This is on my list to swatch, just need to get in to an Inglot store sometime. Smiley Happy

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

Hi TheSocialQuote,


I checked some swatches online and it looks like a pretty yellow gold shade. I think that: Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Stargazer is a good dupe.


lime gold.jpg

Or the Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in 11 Gold



<3 Melissa

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

this kind of looks similar. it is called "the soundtrack"



Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

I picked this up because the shades are good, so thank you for the recommendation. The copper color is WOW.


It is sadly not Honey, but I think I just need to come to terms with that. Smiley Happy

Re: Urban Decay - Honey shadow/liner

I have Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow and love that general color range. Some that I have that are somewhat similar are NYX Dolce. Maybe MAC Amber Lights, or Goldmine (I don't have that one but it looks nice online). I also have Stila 14k but that might be more yellow, less gold.


Good luck! Let us know what you find!

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