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Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I'm looking for a product to be able to get a nice dark liner (charcoal? black?) into my upper lash line.  I don't really want to SEE a line on my lid, I just want to "fill in the spaces between my eyelash hairs" so I have nice dark roots on my upper lashes.


I read a few other tight lining threads but they seemed to be after different things and interested in different products than me.  I am NOT interested in doing my inner rim/waterline.  Just the lash line.


I prefer liquid felt tip liners normally, and did use my Kat Von D Tattoo liner to do this yesterday.  It worked FAIRLY well, but I had to basically dab it between each eyelash, if that makes sense?  


I see there is a triple headed eyeliner pen that's supposed to be good for tightlining. - this might 'dab' between lashes more effectively.  Is it long-wearing/nonsmudging does anyone know?


Or maybe I should get a gel pot and a stiff fan brush?


How to get "between lashes" on my upper lash line best, for a very subtle tightline and darkening of root areas?



Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

If you don't mind using a brush I love the Sephora Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner. I use a super thin brush and get a great tight line from it. I have it in all the colors. Stays put and doesn't smudge.



Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

If you're not opposed to using a brush to apply product, the Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner is a good option!


Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I LOVE the Too Faced lash lining tool! It's my most reached for eyeliner now (more then my beloved gel liner). It makes tightlining a breeze, and is so easy to use. 

I have no issues with it smudging, transferring or wearing out. 

Sometimes when I try to tightline with a liquid felt tip I end up getting it in my eye, which burns and then I get the strings in my eye. With the Too Faced I can dot underneath, draw a line or dot from above and none of it leaks into my eyes. It's also the perfect tool for doing a wing and getting it even on both sides. 



Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I second this! I got it in the Glitz & Glam set and it is one of maybe two products I've ever found that does not become a smudge fest and also is not so watery that it just disappears on the water line. I've been lining my top last still with the Stila Stay All Day (I have no coordination using the Too Faced one to line normally) and then use this to tightline. I've only had it for a few weeks but I have not stopped using it since I got it. I truthfully thought it was pretty gimmicky when it first came out but I love it.

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

The lash emphasizing dots thing is pretty much what I am doing! Cool.  I think I will try this product.


I also do winged liner, I have felt tips that I love for that -- but now I'll also try it with this new pen since you said it works good!!!

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I have this too and really like it. I also like to tightline and this is very effective. I notice I get teary eyed a lot in general so I dab a bit of finishing powder by Smashbox to help make it last longer and not smudge. It doesn't wear out though or transfer. The finishing powder really helps!

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

Not to spoil the surprise, but wait till you get your traveling box...

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs


Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I use the Stila waterproof black eyeliner (liquid felt tip) for that almost every day. You need to come up from the bottom and basically just run it back and forth over the base of your eyelashes. Since it's from underneath your lashes you don't need to end up doing the dabbing in between thing like you would if trying to line from above. Sometimes it helps to curl my eyelashes first to lift them up and get easier access.


I have no idea if I explained that clearly. I wish I could draw a picture! lol

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

Okay I did it your way today and got a very nice subtle look.  It worked better than I thought on my sensitive eyes.  I got a little irritation but I think with practice that might clear up (or with a different felt liner). 


Looks cute and subtle just what I wanted  seeeee....



Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I will try it this way too, instead of the between-lash "dots" that I am currently doing.


I have pretty sensitive eyes/skin, so have not had good luck getting from underneath/close to waterline in the past.  But I have not tried it this way in a long time, so now that you bring it up I am going to try this again Smiley Happy!

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

Yay! I'm so glad you understood what I was rambling about...


It looks great! Smiley Happy

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I second the 2 faced pen! I bought it about 2 months ago and I use it everday for tightlining! Even though it is not marketed as waterproof, it does not budge all day!

Re: Upper lash line "tightlining" product recs

I was just going to recommend the Too Faced three way lash lining tool. It sounds perfect for what you are explaining. It is liquid and felt tip. It stays okay in between your lashes, but will wear off of the inner rim pretty quickly.

It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, and it takes some maneuvering to wiggle it into the spaces between the lashes.

e.l.f makes a dupe that is only $3 and is waterproof. It comes in black and brown. My walgreens carries it but my target does not.





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