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Under eye concerns


I have tried so many under eye products and nothing has worked so far.  This is what my left under eye looks like with makeup on also looks like this without makeup. I want it to look like the right under eye.  Nice and smooth. No puffiness or wrinkles.  Any suggestions on a product I could try out?


Re: Under eye concerns

@deepa2010 --


 I think you might be having a touch of contact dermatitis there! I used to get a similar texture on my eyelid in winter, when I was 17,18-- turns out, that spot was reacting to a cream I used. Just that one place, every time. I'd get your skin checked out first!! In the meantime, try some plain aloe gel on it at night, with no other cream/treatments on the spot, and see if it helps. If it does you'll know that something in your facial routine is the culprit! 

Re: Under eye concerns

@deepa2010 @heavyhedon I have contact dermatitis and honestly the ONLY thing that’s worked for me is Skinfix Dermatitis Face Balm 0.48 oz / 13.5 g …it’s expensive for a tiny tube, but it’s lasted over a year because I only use the smallest amount on my eyes every night.

Re: Under eye concerns

  • Are you talking about this?53FDC2C6-7F29-4D4B-838E-3920DA0D0605.png

Re: Under eye concerns

@deepa2010 -- yes, that should do. Almost forget, another good one you might find at Target or the drugstore is St. Ives Anti-stress face gel:




You could even just break a leaf off an aloe plant and use the gel straight from the plant.

Re: Under eye concerns

Thank you for your comment. Can you please suggest an aleo gel? 

Re: Under eye concerns



Sure thing! Target has one, Up & Up Clear Aloe Vera Gel, it's 97.7 Pure Aloe; there's also a %100 Aloe Gel available on Amazon called Fruit of the Earth, and the brand Holika Holika is a good nearly pure one too.


Likely there is a good one at your local drugstore/grocery too-- just make sure it's really just Aloe, with no fragrance or alcohol and no extra ingredients like Lidocaine, which is great for sunburn but not for treating dermatitis. 

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