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Under eye concealer y'all

Right now I am using Maybelline Age Rewind something or another and while it works good, I hate the applicator. The sponge absorbs so much product and I feel like it is a waste. I have light/medium skin with yellow(neutral) undertones. In MUFE HD, I'm matched at 120. From Sephora, my color IQ match is BY05.


Any HG products out there that y'all are enjoying?

Thanks in advance.


-XOXO.Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.49.44 PM.png

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

have you thought about just ripping the sponge applicator off?  That is what I did with mine.  Then I just put a few dots on and blend it with a concealer brush.  It works great, at least for me so far.

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

I've been using Givenchy's Mister light- I apply it using a foundation brush.  It has good coverage for the under eye area but is still lightweight and does not settle into my fine lines.

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

I use MAC's ProLongwear concealer. I used to use Maybelline's Age Rewind but it just didn't give me the coverage I wanted and settled into my fine lines. MAC's gives great coverage and doesn't settle into fine lines as much. It still settles a little bit, but I don't think any product won't on me. You can also use it as an eye primer so I like that it's multifunctional.

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

I have to get my sisters lab testings, you are actually using the best, the most economical, and most earth friendly "Instant age rewinder by "MAYBELLINE" the small amount you think your loosing is going back slowly and unoticably into your tube..your fine..If it works bestm dont change, they say you may be throwin money away left and right just to get directly back to your original product!

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

I;m not sure what you mean by earth friendly so I'll skip over that...but if product that was on the sponge, which touches your face, picking up bacteria along the way, is actually dripping back down into the tube, that is some of the most unhygienic product packaging I've ever heard of.  

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

I don't think Sephora sells it anymore, but theBalm's TimeBalm concealer (in the pot) is fabulous -- very pigmented, but lightweight enough so that it doesn't sink into creases. 


I also like Benefit Erase Paste, but it only comes in three shades (they're pretty forgiving, though, especially for circles). 

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

My sister uses that and I can see that the way this is packaged and dispensed is a huge waste. The sponge being one problem. The other, is that this happens when you go through your product:

upload_3389856465729423010.jpgI don't know how to describe it, but you can see a lot of excess product being wasted on the skinny tube inside. 


My favorite drugstore concealer is probably the Revlon Age Defying concealer. It's very creamy, easy to blend, and it doesn't crease.

Re: Under eye concealer y'all

That's exactly what mine looks like. I just feel like it is a waste! Thanks for your suggestion!

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