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UD smokey eye or LORAC PRO palette?

I want to buy a new palette and it comes down to one of these 2, the new Smokey eye from UD or LORAC PRO , what do you guys think? I love UD shadows and I own NAKED2 with many other separate shadows but I am running low on light neutral colors. I have not tried LORAC before. How does it compare to UD shadows, more or less blendable?, more or less pigmented?

Re: UD smokey eye or LORAC PRO palette?

Hi Akaber,


Since your running low on light neautrals, I'd go with the Lorac Pro Palette. You'll love the formula and finish of the shadows as much as you love your Urban ones.


This palette is great to take you from shimmery to matter or day to night!





Re: UD smokey eye or LORAC PRO palette?



I would say the LORAC PRO palette. I have them both and I absolutely go to my Lorac palette on a regular. You get a whole row of mattes and a whole row of sheen. Perfect for day to night and long lasting pigment.

Re: UD smokey eye or LORAC PRO palette?



I own the LORAC Pro Palette and it has quickly become a must have in my kit! It blends well and the colors Carol Shaw chose are gorgeous!


They are all relatively neutral though, so if you are looking for something with more color options I would go with the Smoked Palette.


I hope this helps,


Re: UD smokey eye or LORAC PRO palette?

Thank you both for your responses. I think I have to see both of them in person before I can decide. I will have to look over the colors I have in my treasure box (makeup bags) and pick one.

Re: UD smokey eye or LORAC PRO palette?

Wow tough choice. I am guessing you mean UD's "SMOKED" Palette?   I think LORAC shadows are definitely more creamy than UD shadows.  Some people like this, some don't.  There are lots of great youtube videos on the LORAC PRO Palette.  I think compared to UD shadows that I have tried, the pigments between the two are comparable.  UD has a little less fallout that LORAC - but this assessment is based on their old shadows, I have not tried the new UD formula.  Also, some have commented that the Matte colors in the PRO Palette are a litle chaky. I personally like creamy, buttery shadows like LORAC and Stila because they blend very well, but is all a matter of preference.  Price wise you get more bang for your buck with the LORAC Palette as it as 16 shadows compared to 10 in UD's Smoked. But both are beautiful.  Happy choosing! :-)



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