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Trying to glam it up

I'm 46 and have starting singing with a band.  I want a more glam look for when we have gigs, but when I just use more/darker eye shadow, it makes my eyes disappear!  Any suggestions?

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Re: Trying to glam it up

Apply maybe a lighter eyeshadow to your eyelids and in the crease (go a bit higher for your crease with a smaller brush) create a thinner line of crease colour which will make your eyelids look bigger. My eyes are deeper set and don't look the best with dark eyeshadow either because darker colours make your eyes appear even deeper set and closed off at times. I hope what I said made sense for your eyeshadow. Kelly Ripa for example has hooded eyes and to make the eyelids look bigger the eyeshadow applied is light and brought up closer near the browbone and a thinner line, more blended out, of crease colour is applied to make the eyelids look bigger. Maybe a nice inner corner highlight and a bit on the browbone and you're good to go! Sometimes a crease colour makes your eyes look more closed off because that's the mistake I have made so I can relate.


I hope at least some of what I'm trying to say made sense 😃 ps. Not saying you have hooded eyes but that was just an example..

Re: Trying to glam it up

Apply a lighter shadow on the center of your lid. Highlight your inner corner and brow bone to brighten and lift the eye. Maybe try to use matte shadows (except for your highlight shade if you choose, maybe a satin finish) as those are more flattering on mature skin. I would stay far, far away from glitter, black, and stark white. 

Good luck! And congrats on the gigs! 

Re: Trying to glam it up

False lashes. Takes some getting used to and sometimes it's hard to find a brand that works for you, and a lash glue that works for you, but I think they'd be worth it. They pop in different types of lighting, and up close and far away. They open up your eyes more. 


Re: Trying to glam it up

I would say start to highlight the eyes with lighter shadow, and then highlight the inner corner of the eye with a shimmer white shadow or something.. Maybe make your lips stand out more than your eyes?? I don't know... 

Sorry ! 


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