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True black eyeliner recommedation

I have tried many black eyeliners and MUFE aqua liner is the only one that truly lasts all day without smudging. As much as I love the formula, the packaging is awful. When I remove the liner, the liner broke into little flakes and get into my eyes. I have tried Stila stay all day, UD 24/7 and Kat Von D. None of them is as good as MUFE. Does anyone have a good alternative?

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

The most long last fade/smudge proof eyeliner I have ever used is the Klean Color Hardcore liquid liner, this stuff could literally last for days (I often use it for body art). It has an almost latex like finish, and the brush is a bit thick comparatively, but if you want something that is absolutely not gonna go anywhere, this is the stuff. You can find it for a buck or two at a lot of stores (Daiso and other similar stores, I get it at my local grocery store) or on their website.



Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

I use the NYX Slide on pencil in Jet Black and it's so creamy, waterproof, and literally jet black.  I go over that with Stila Stay all Day because I like the look of liquid and I have to use so much less.  Just a light sweep over the NYX pencil and a cat eye.  It's never flaked because it's just a think application of both and lasts all day.

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

I tried Stila before, it smudges on within an hour :'( 

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

I also have problem with eyeliners smudging and have tried everything on Sephora. 

I love the black color from Nars cream liner and wish they last 

I think your best bet is Marc Jacobs' both pencil and felt tip 

you could also try japanese ones like Cathy cat or Kiss me heroine.. Japanese market usually has them or order them online 

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation



I have the UD one's and have never had a problem with them flaking.  But the blackest eyeliner I've had is Perversion by UD.  Maybe you can try their Ink Liner or the Cream Liner which won't flake (at least from what I've experienced) and are personally better than the pencil one's.

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

The Sonia Kashuk gel eyeliner from Target is really good! It's super black, smooth, creamy and it doesn't skip. Once it's on your eyes, it will stay on until you take it off. The best part is that it's under $10! Smiley Happy


If you love the MUFE, try using a different eye makeup remover so no flakes get in your eyes. My sister also uses the MUFE and she never had flakes get in her eye. 

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

Unfortunately, it is really hard to find Sonia Kashuk in Canada, both Mac fluidline and Bobbi Brown smudge on me, so I don't use gel eyeliner much. As for the makeup remover, I had the same issue no matter what I use. Did you sister use the MUFE aqua liner pencil or the liquid one? 

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

Sorry I didn't see this until now! She uses the MUFE aqua black cream liner. It can be used a liner or a base for a super smokey eye. Smiley Happy


I also thought target ships to canada too.

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

Canadian Targets stock Sonia Kashuk too Smiley Happy At least, the ones in my area do.

Re: True black eyeliner recommedation

There is no Target neat where I live Smiley Sad

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