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Too Faced Natural Palette- good for concealing under eye dark circles

toofaced.jpgI got this palette initially because I wanted a good face palette for creating a natural look- not too sparkly or highly pigmented.  I also wanted a palette that was all-inclusive for my face since I'm not really big on blush & bronzer.  But I wanted a little something that wouldn't be too bright or dramatic.  I just used it today and I'm really happy with all components of the palette for creating an overall natural complexion.  And the unexpected surprise was that it's also really great for concealing my very dark under eye circles and brightening under my eyes.  Mind you, the dark circles are not completely gone, but this is the best thing I've found so far for lessening the darkness (and also not turning the areas a weird blue color).  I've tried a few different color correctors and concealers, but nothing has really done a good job besides this palette.  The products in this palette also go on really smooth and layer/blend fairly easily.  


Has anyone else found this palette to be great for concealing under eye circles?  Any other products out there that can COMPLETELY cover dark eye areas?

Re: Too Faced Natural Palette- good for concealing under eye dark circles

Hi!  That's great that you've found something that works for you!  In my experience, so far the best concealer to cover my dark circles is Too Faced's Absolutely Flawless concealer.  It has great pigmentation and is pretty thick (so I only need to use a little bit), and it isn't as heavy as the Amazing Cosmetics or MUFE Full Cover concealers.  However, my dark circles aren't too bad, so maybe check out the Amazing Cosmetics or Make Up For Ever concealers for more coverage if your dark circles are a bigger concern for you.

Re: Too Faced Natural Palette- good for concealing under eye dark circles

Thanks for the tip about TF's Absolutely Flawless!  I haven't tried it, so I'll check it out.  I do really like and use MUFE Full Cover to conceal my acne blemishes, but unfortunately it doesn't work for my dark circles.  It's amazing for blemishes, but for some reason (maybe too thick, doesn't blend easily under my eyes, etc) it doesn't cover my dark circles.  

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