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Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Has anyone already tried the Chocolate bar? I see it is already on the website but not in stock. Also no reviews just yet.

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried or maybe wants to try it? How do Too Faced shadows compare to the other neutral pallets out there (i.e Naked 1, 2, or 3, Lorac pro, etc)

I see that it is around the same price range as all the others. 

So what do you think??

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Just ordered... couldn't help myself ... and i JUST got the Naked 3 last week. I've been really bad lately, it's the holiday season that's making me want to overindulge but come on... CHOCOLATE.

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Whoops I showed it to my mother and it is now it is going to be under the Christmas tree. I was going to buy it anyway.

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Ohhh my these colors are gorgeous. Totally my type of colors! Not in stock in my local store yet though Smiley Sad

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

i don't believe they are in any store. I believe it wasn't supposed to be released until the 19.. so maybe that is why! If i want to buy it, i need to call the CS because I want to use the $20 off and a gift card! :\

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I think this is the only kind of Chocolate Bar that you can have without making us fat! lol

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Look. At all. The mattes.


Aaaand it's in my basket.

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