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Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Has anyone already tried the Chocolate bar? I see it is already on the website but not in stock. Also no reviews just yet.

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried or maybe wants to try it? How do Too Faced shadows compare to the other neutral pallets out there (i.e Naked 1, 2, or 3, Lorac pro, etc)

I see that it is around the same price range as all the others. 

So what do you think??


Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Yup! After fiasco with Naked 3, ordering it before seeing it in person and then being terribly disappointed by it... Lesson learned! I'd like to see this one in person first! But, it does look gorgeous!

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Yup same here, so far naked 3 sucks for me. But the fact this one smells like chocolate is enough for me, lol. I guess I won't learn my lesson. 

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Lol! Whatever smells like chocolate... is dangerous for me, too Smiley Very Happy

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I have the chocolate solei bronzer, and it smells amazing! I have to smell it every time i wear it. I can't imagine myself taking a wife of this every time i use it as well! lol

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

tripile fundge look so good! like chocolate mix. 

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

The pans look like the layout of the Too Faced Loves Sephora Palette and that was an absolute DISASTER. Pans falling out all over the place, it was horrible. Hopefully it functions better then it looks.


That aside, I want it, but I see this palette doing absolutely nothing for me because of the browns. Brown on brown doesn't do to much. And some of the shades look like they're going to be to light, make me look ashy, or entirely to dark. Because of this, I am sad. u_u

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Sodium Saccharin, whyyyyyyy?! Those colors look great - but I'm allergic to this particular sweetener. I get that they wanted it to smell sweet but boooo. 

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Awww!! Smiley Sad maybe they should have made one without the scent? just in case?

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Thanks. Smiley Happy While I like unscented things a lot - a chocolate scent would have been awesome, too. Smiley Very Happy

I would have been happy with the cocoa scent without that particular sweetener. Smiley Happy MAC manages to make their lipsticks smell sweet without sodium saccharin - as do a lot of other brands, I'm sure there was a way without leaving out everyone with sulfa-based allergies (if the reaction from my doctors and various hospital visits is any indication, no more rare than my latex allergy.) 

(Heads up: if you're allergic to sulfa drugs, you're allergic to this one!) 

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This looks SO PRETTY! But it *really really really* bothers me that two of the colors are bigger than the rest of the palette. I know that it is the weirdest thing to be bothered by (first world problems), but because of that, I won't be purchasing it. Is that sad??? I hope I am not the only one this crazy! Smiley Very Happy

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