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Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Has anyone already tried the Chocolate bar? I see it is already on the website but not in stock. Also no reviews just yet.

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried or maybe wants to try it? How do Too Faced shadows compare to the other neutral pallets out there (i.e Naked 1, 2, or 3, Lorac pro, etc)

I see that it is around the same price range as all the others. 

So what do you think??

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Check temptalia 's blog. She has a detailed review on the front page of her site!

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

awesome! thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I sooooo want this palette!!!


Check out Phyrra's review on her blog. She's got some very nice pics of palette and swatches there. phyrra dot net, then type "Too Faced the Chocolate Bar palette review" in the search bar.








Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

And swatches ( she swatched them on TF eye shadow primer ).






Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

The bottom swatches look so nice. I'm bummed out over the naked 3 colors on me but these are warmer....hummmmm

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

wow!! those swatches!! 0.0 

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I like all these colors, but Cherry Cordial is just killing me!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Cherry Cordial reminds me of MACs Swiss Chocolate

Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I so want this, if only cause it looks(and smells) like a chocolate bar. Smiley Very Happy I'm gonna have to see it in person before I buy it, but I am glad its not in the usual super bulky packaging they seem to do.

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