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The very best concealer?

Hi, I am 17 years old and have dark circles. I have tried many products but they have either made my circles look worse or have not done anything at all. I am looking for one that brightens. Also would a corrector help? What is the best concealer? any price. thank you.

Re: The very best concealer?

MAKEUPFOREVER full coverage concealer is my miracle concealer!  It comes in a tube and says "Extreme Camouflage Cream."  I've had dark circles since my early teens and it's pretty much the only thing that doesn't make them look darker or bluer.  To brighten, I apply the YSL brightening concealer/highlighter that comes in the gold tube.  


I've tried the Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer combo and it ended up just looking super cakey on me.  

Re: The very best concealer?

I have mega dark circles and am still on the hunt for the best coverage.  I have seen correctors work in many on line video's   I tried Laura M.  in mauve/rose and its too dark for my skin tone.  As a reference I use YSL in a 20 or Tarte BB in fair.   Maybe I need the salmon as I have yellow undertones to my skin?

Re: The very best concealer?

Mauve/rose tones correctors are going to be better suited for dark circles or areas that have more of a blue/green undertone as the rose and red in the mauve shades balance out the green.


If your dark circles are more blue/purple, use salmon/yellow correctors like ones from MUFE or Bobbi Brown.

Re: The very best concealer?

I'll give it a go.  They could be more purple..they are just to dark.   In any case those video's I saw the corrector actually cancel the imperfection out..


It was a green on a port wine stain so the correct color I am expecting to do the  same.  I have had these things all my life.  (allergies for ever)




Re: The very best concealer?

Green correctors are generally geared for areas of redness, they can be used for purple/dark circles as the green would cancel the red in the purple, but in keeping with the color wheel, yellow and purple are direct opposites, making it a better suited corrector. Blue and orange or opposites, making salmon/peach correctors also great for dark circles with blue undertones.

Re: The very best concealer?

I have only tried two high end concealers, and you should definitely avoid them because they did not help my dark circles at all. They are Clinique's All About Eyes Concealer and Tarte's Amazonian Clay Concealer. I have done lots of research and watched a ton of review and tutorial videos, and I have seen that Tarte's Maracuja Creaseless Concealer and the Bobbi Brown correcter are the best, so you should definitely check into those! Hope I helped Smiley Happy

Re: The very best concealer?

Bobbi Brown corrector concealer is great for dark circles. Since it is a corrector concealer, it has a peach pinky based color to help neutralize the dark circles under the eyes. Works fabulous and highly recommend.

Re: The very best concealer?

If your dark circles aren't heriditary then you probably need to increase your potassium intake, unless your lacking in sleep or stressed out. But a really good concealer is amazing cosmetics or shiseido natural finish. Hope this helps!

Re: The very best concealer?

I agree, sometimes it's a little of everything in life.  Even if it is hereditary, I recommend increasing the potassium intake, it's incredibly good for you!  While it doesn't conceal the undereye completely during the day I will typically use Clinique's Even Better Dark Circle Corrector, it's very sheer, but it warms the tone of the undereye so it's no longer purplish.  Smiley Happy

Re: The very best concealer?

I know this is kind of off topic, but a friend of mine says to use almond oil! She is all about organic treatment and it has worked wonders for's not a quick fix, but it may be worth it as a gradual procees Smiley Happy

Re: The very best concealer?

Since it's not like you're trying to cover up your entire face, I'd go with a pen. My fav is YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch. Try it out!

Re: The very best concealer?

I agree with the others -- a good concealer will have a corrective element to it (i.e., a pink or peachy tone to counteract the blue).


It's expensive, but the best dark circle concealer I have ever used is Armani Maestro Eraser. It's a liquid concealer that brightens, and it's really amazing -- long wearing and doesn't settle in creases, etc. It's not sold at all Sephora stores, but it's really, really good.


The other really good one I've used is Clé de Peau's concealer stick -- I got rid of it because the lightest shade was just a little bit too dark (even for my circles) -- but that was the creamiest, most blendable concealer ever.


Another good one -- if one of the three shades matches you -- is Benefit Erase Paste. It brightens in addition to concealing, and it's creamy and blendable (and way less expensive than the other two).


Smiley Happy

Re: The very best concealer?

Hello Lorissalo, 


A corrector with the salmony tone (or even yellow if your circles are severely dark or blue toned) will be great to hide and correct the darkness you are experiencing. 


After applying a corrector, I like to follow up with a bit of a luminizer that is meant for the eye area. The shiny pigments help to bounce back light and give an almost reflective finish to brighten the eye area. My current is the very lightweight Bare Minerals Stroke of Light:


bareMinerals - bareminerals® Stroke of Light™ Eye Brightener

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: The very best concealer?

If you do use a corrector, make sure to get one that is salmon colored since that best neutralizes blue/purple dark circles. You would put the corrector on first, and don't worry if it makes your skin color look weird. It's not supposed to match your skin tone, only neutralize the color of your dark circles. Then you would put on your foundation, then concealer. Both Bobbi Brown and Benefit have salmon colored correctors.


Bobbi Brown (if you have blue dark circles, try the bisque correctors):




For concealers, everyone raves about Amazing Cosmetics concealer. I have a really difficult time finding a concealer that doesn't make my undereye area look dry and chalky, and this one is the best I've used. It's very pigmented, so you only need a TINY dab under each eye. Make sure you set it with a setting powder so it doesn't crease because it is very creamy. The same brand makes a setting powder specifically for that concealer.


Amazing Cosmetics concealer:


Setting powder:

Re: The very best concealer?

You need to start with a corrector. I use Peter Thomas Roth "Power K Eye Rescue".  It's pricey though.  Sephora got me hooked when I went into a store and asked about a good under eye concealer. They gave me a sample of the Power K along with several concealers to try.


Ask for a generous sample so you can try it for a couple of weeks first. Concealers are tough. So much depends on your skin type, tone and coloring. Go into a Sephora store and let them make suggestions.  Try a few on and the ones that look good - ask for samples of. They are always helpful and they have a whole area set up just to dish out samples. Don't be embarrassed to ask for them in multiple. The day I got the sample of Power K I also walked out with 3 samples of concealers.  Yep, found a concealer that I continue to buy that day too.

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