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The Palette Tag

Hi BIC Babes! It’s been a while since we’ve done a tag thread, and I saw this one going around YouTube recently so I figured why not carry it over here? I believe Allie Glines and Samantha March started it, but other categories have been added since their original videos. Looking forward to seeing your answers! Always love getting glimpses into everyone’s collections. Going to tag a few people to get this started, please feel free to tag other members too!


Newest: Divine Rose 2- Pat McGrath

Oldest: Chocolate Bar - Too Faced

Most Expensive: From the sticker price alone-Natasha Denona

Most Affordable: Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics

Everyday: Sultry - Anastasia Beverly Hills

Most Colorful: Saint and Sinner - KVD

Smallest: Dior quint GWP

Biggest: Too Faced Anniversary Palette

Best Memory: Lila - Natasha Denona. This was a gift from the amazing @Tamara76 from the first Sephoria!

Worth the Hype: Mothership Palettes

Not Worth the Hype: Tati Cosmetics Volume 1

Favorite Palette From a Favorite Brand: Bronze Seduction- Pat McGrath

Most Used: Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar - Too Faced

Least Used: Jean-Michel Basquiat - Urban Decay and Disney x Besame Cosmetics (These are untouched and are for decoration only lol)

Best Packaging: The famous Teddy Bear Palette From the Moschino x Sephora Collection

Worst Packaging: Modern Renaissance- Anastasia Beverly Hills (I get so anxious about keeping it clean!)

Limited Edition Favorite: Master Palette by Mario x Anastasia Beverly Hills

OG Favorite: Smokey Eyes - Too Faced

Travel Essential: Natasha Denona Minis 33ECE371-629D-4729-9A6F-45F162FC8DC8.jpeg@darkiceis @sister13 @michelleshops @fatimamummy @heartsmyface @PaletteAddict99 @2manyperfumes @idanyd 


Re: The Palette Tag

Great Palettes.  I love all of the colors.

RE: Re: The Palette Tag

That gold bear is so cute @tjffc ❤️

Re: The Palette Tag

Newest: ND Mini glam

Oldest: Naked 2

Most Expensive: ND Metropolis

Most Affordable: Juvia's Place palettes

Everyday: Varies. Right now, it's ND Mini glam.

Most Colorful: Juvia's Place Masquerade

Smallest: Those Model & Co shadows from Allure's Beauty Box

Biggest: ND Metropolis

Best Memory: ND Metropolis. I left the ND masterclass to be part of an epic BIC photoshoot at Sephoria. But, I missed the ND photo op. I also missed getting the palette, for a different reason. But, ND came to NYC, so I snagged the palette and got my photo!

Worth the Hype: ND Metropolis AND UD Honey

Not Worth the Hype: PMG Labs, Subliminal 6-pan. It's okay, kind of one note for me. Also PMG Labs DR I. (I know. I'm sorry! I like it, but I don't love it, which you kind of expect with this kind of palette).

Favorite Palette From a Favorite Brand: PMG Labs Bronze Seduction (THAT RED!)

Most Used: UD Naked 2. (Half-baked is panned and blackout is concave.)

Least Used: ABH Subculture. I wavered on this one and bought it. UGH, SUBCULTURE...I tried

Best Packaging: PMG Labs - The boxes!

Worst Packaging: PMG Labs - The cases. I feel like I'll drop one and break it.

Limited Edition Favorite: UD Beached

OG Favorite: UD Naked Smoky

Travel Essential: PMG Labs Eye Ecstacy

RE: Re: The Palette Tag

Also the metropolis is screaming at me lol FOMO @danielledanielle

Re: RE: Re: The Palette Tag

@2manyperfumes , there's always one (or ones) that get away!


(You always create great looks without them, if that helps.)

RE: Re: The Palette Tag

Wow, I love seeing everyone’s choices ❤️ @danielledanielle - the honey palette by UD is constantly calling out to me

Re: The Palette Tag

Oh, thats great that you ended up getting the palette and the photo op, @danielledanielle!! Great list!!

Re: The Palette Tag

There may be some repeats since I switched to cleaner (fragrance free, sulfate, phosphate and paraben free) products that play nice with my now super sensitive skin and wacky immune system.  So its been an adventure - learned I'm allergic to some Urban Decay so that is not on the list - it went back to the store.

Newest:  Viseart Theory Minx and Nuance palettes (they will ship out Monday)

Oldest: Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina 

Most Expensive: Viseart Coy is soon to be mine.  Full disclosure - I try to be a savvy shopper from the cotton rounds at the drug store to remove the eye shadow to my luxe makeup and try to get them with a discount or sale.  

Most Affordable:  I received a lovely Huda palette as gratis but for one I purchased myself it would be the Viseart Rose Edit as I had purchased with a Rouge Reward 

Everyday:  Either Natasha Denona Mini Retro, Mini Glam or Viseart Paris Edit

Most Colorful: Viseart Soleil

Smallest: Tarte Tartiest Metallic Shadow single in Poker Face 

Biggest: Viseart Coy

Best Memory:  My first Viseart purchase - Tryst and Liaison 

Worth the Hype: Viseart and ND

Not Worth the Hype: Tarte 

Favorite Palette From a Favorite Brand: Viseart Paris Edit

Most Used:  I rotate the palettes in my collection so I don't have "one" everyday palette.  Prior to branching into Viseart and ND, I would have said Norvina.

Least Used:  Anastasia Beverly Hills - Prism

Best Packaging: ND mini and Viseart slim pro packaging.  

Worst Packaging:  Anastasia Beverly Hills - the velvety type palette packaging.  Not so much because of the fabric but because they do not close completely so I don't feel they are very travel friendly.

Limited Edition Favorite: Viseart Coy

OG Favorite: Viseart Theory Cashmere

Travel Essential: ND Mini Glam and Viseart Rose / Paris Edit and petite pro 3.

Re: The Palette Tag

So much Viseart love, @MCSSavvy!! Liaison and Tryst are SO pretty (I think these were also my first Viseart palettes along with Libertine). Great list!!

Re: The Palette Tag

@haleyvvvv  -- Thank you!!

RE: The Palette Tag

‪Newest: ABH Amrezy, I havent purchased a new palette in a while! Oldest: KVD Matte & Metal. Most Expensive: PMG Mothership Bronze Seduction. Most Affordable: Colourpop palettes. Everyday: ABH Modern Renaissance. Most Colorful: UD Moondust or KVD Matte & Metal. Smallest: Bobbi Brown Peace Love Beach. Biggest: ND Metropolis and Tropic. BestMemory: I’m not sure... Worth the Hype: Pat McGrath! Not Worth the Hype: Colourpop. Favorite Brand: Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona. Most Used: ABH Modern Renaissance. Least Used: any of the very colourful ones, UD, KVD.. Best Packaging: Pat McGrath! Worst Packaging: I honestly like the packaging of all the palettes I own, maybe Lancôme just because it’s one of the plainest? Limited Edition Favorite: TF Gingerbread Spice. Travel Essential: ND Mini Sunset! ‬

RE: The Palette Tag

Wow, great collection @samkeaysxo 👏❤️

Re: RE: The Palette Tag

Wow! What a beautiful collection!  Loving all the sparkles and glitter colors!

Re: RE: The Palette Tag

Stunning palette collection, @samkeaysxo!! Great list!!

Re: RE: The Palette Tag

Wow! You have a wonderful palette collection @samkeaysxo 😍

Re: The Palette Tag

Newest- UD Naked Honey

Oldest- UD Naked 2

Most expensive- Tom Ford White Suede quad

Most affordable- Morphe 18T Truth or Bare

Everyday- UD Naked 2

Most colorful- UD Born to Run

Smallest- MAC Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothin’

Biggest- Morphe

Best memory- Bobbi Brown Night Drama (gratis from Sephora a few years ago)

Worth the hype- UD Naked Honey

Not worth the hype- Too Faced Glitter Bomb

Favorite palette from a favorite brand- ABH JA

Most used- UD Naked 2

Least used- Benefit Vanity Flare

Best packaging- Kat Von D 10 year Anniversary

Worst packaging- Morphe

Limited edition favorite- ABH JA

OG favorite- Naked 2 

Travel essential- UD Born to Run






RE: Re: The Palette Tag

Very nice @angel7594 ❤️ I love the outer case of the anniversary palette

Re: The Palette Tag

Amazing collection!  Im impressed with all of the different brands!  I'm going to have to look at purchasing a few more palettes myself.

Re: The Palette Tag

Great list, @angel7594!! The JA palette is amazing, and so lovely that you were gifted the Bobbi Brown palette!!

Re: The Palette Tag

Thank you @haleyvvvv !! ❤️

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