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Thank you Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty!

I am very greatful to be chosen by Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty to receive the gratis of Marc Jacob's new Matte Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliners . I receive colors (Earth)quake a beautiful brown and (Grape) vine a beautiful purple shade.


Texture of these liners is very smooth and creamy and they glide easily on skin. I rubbed the swatches 1 minute after wearing But liners were completely dry and they didn't smudge at all. They stay put when I run water on the wrist and just slightly faded when washed with hand soap, three minutes after wearing.

In short apparently they live up to all the claims. I'll try them on soon and will share the eye looks later. For now here are the swatches. 

Top: Fresh Swatches

Bottom: After washing with soap and warm water 


Thank you Sephora and MarcJacob's beauty!


Re: Thank you Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty!

Thank you @sabrinas! I want the reddish one as well! And the blue and the pink and....a few more! lol. They are very smooth and easy to apply!

Re: Thank you Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty!

Oh wow ! You're super lucky ! Did anyone in Canada get these?

Re: Thank you Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty!

Thank you @teenageparasite I am in Canada.

Re: Thank you Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty!

I was also very fortunate to receive this gift from Marc Jacobs and Sephora. This was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Thank you to all involved.

Based on all of my experiences with pencil eyeliners, this formula has helped change my opinion especially on non-transfer claims.

I have oily and hooded lids (awesome!) and no matter the primer or eyeshadow, et cetera, I will always get a slight transfer from my pencil eyeliner to my crease.

I've tested these two out on both my upper and lower lash line on four separate occasions and can say this stayed in place on my upper lash line, oily lids and all, without fading or transferring.

Lower lash line stayed put but faded over the day. However, it faded without bleeding/transferring. 

It does include a sharpener at the bottom of the pencil that you can use, very carefully, once you twist the product up. Great idea, for those who are not spastic like me. I do like this feature though, as I do recall a few complaints regarding his original attempt at this type of pencil.



Before Sharpening

And After

A few more comparison swatches

Earthquake is a perfect cool toned, dark brown. While Grapevine is also cool toned and not very vibrant at all. 

Top 2 Row Browns: Sephora Collection Tiramisu (closest match), UD Smog, UD Whiskey vs long swatch of Earthquake

Bottom 2 Rows: long swatch of Grapevine vs. L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Liner in purple (much more vibrant), Revlon Photoready Kajal in purple reign

& finally, compared to a black from MJ


A few cons:

  • I noticed when I applied more than two swipes (no blending, just to get a darker line) it made it possible to wipe/flake off.
  • Lack of colours. Man oh man I wish there was a non cool toned green in there.
  • Sharpening can be a bit tough, but I appreciate the effort.


I really do like these pencils. Thanks again.


Re: Thank you Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty!

What an awesome review!!! These sound really nice! I have only tried the original gel eyeliners not these.  Excited to check them out!!

Re: Thank you Sephora and Marc Jacob's beauty!

Just like @EvangelineDamonI have oily hooded lids and my secret to get a nice pop of color around my eyes is eyeliner!


I am grateful to receive this gift and one of my favorite product makes it extra sweet.  MJ liners do not budge!  (use oil to remove).  They come in a bunch of colors.  The only con is the price or I will have them all!  ;')


Thank you Mods, Sephora and of course, MJ!!!!


The 'purple' on me looks like a true aubergine which I like.  The 'brown' also pops! 

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