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Tell us about your favorite mascara!

Hi Ladies!


Time to talk about mascara! I am usually pretty loyal to my favorite mascaras and it really takes a lot for a mascara to impress me. Last week, I tried Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara for the first time. I was immediately blown away! The brush is absolutely amazing. I love how you can twist it every which way creating a ton of volume and length. 

My natural lashes are short and straight. I usually have to stick to waterproof formulas because I find that waterproof formulas hold curl in my lashes a little bit better than non-waterproof formulas. This mascara held curl just as well as any waterproof formula. It is also very easy to remove! I really love it Heart


Tell us all about your current favorite mascara! What are your natural eyelashes like? How did this mascara compare to other mascaras you have tried? Smiley Happy




<3, Randee

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

Thanks for sharing, bellarob! I really love YSL mascaras too! My favorite one from YSL is the babydoll mascara. Smiley Happy

<3, Randee

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

This is my fav too! I naturally have long lashes and this adds a lot of fullness to it. The formula is also not dry.

<3 Melissa

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

My lashes are actually pretty long but I have a hard time making them look voluminous.  (LOL, is that a word?)


Since I started my new mascara every 1-3 months rotation, I have tried a lot of mascaras.  I actually didn't like Too Faced Better than Sex mascara at first, but now it's probably my top mascara.  I get lots of volume very fast with just one coat.  Smiley Happy  Nice for days I'm running late.  (Which is just about every day.)  Smiley Happy

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

I actually have the lash domination from the lash stash set and haven't tried it yet. I have so many mascaras I currently have open that I need to finish those first, lol. My 3 favorites right now are Too Faced Better Than Sex, omg it's my favorite but I don't wear it very often since it's a dramatic look, more for date night. My daytime favorites are the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara and Diorshow extase mascara. Both are easy to use and make my lashes look awesome.

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

My lashes are very long (lucky genetics) but thin, so Buxom Lash gives lots of volume and "fluffiness" while accentuating the length!

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

Blinc! Blinc! Blinc! I LOVE this mascara! My lashes are kind of long with a decent natural curl, but I don't have a ton of them. The original formula gives them a natural look that's great for work and casual. The amplifying formula does bump them up a bit, but I find it lengthens more than thickens. The thing is, I wear glasses, and my long lashes hit my lenses and every other type of mascara wears off at the tips. Blinc stays put. No smudging, no running, no raccoon eyes. It's even water resistant. And it comes off super easy with water and pressure (see, you need the pressure part to get it off, it really is water resistant). No makeup remover necessary!


Before I wore glasses, I was a Lancome girl. I love the regular Hypnose formula (drama was a bit too gunky for my taste). I tried Dior, but I have to say, it didn't impress me all that much.

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

Too Faced - Better than Sex mascara! Without it it's hard to even tell I have lashes they're so light! I absolutely love the brush on it.

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

I LOVE Urban Decay cannon ball for the summertime! It doesn't go anywhere and is super voluminous and waterproof! It's so worth the money!! My eyelashes are naturally curly and blonde so mascara really helps. :-)

Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

This topic makes me sad because all three of my favorite mascaras are no longer sold at Sephora. 


1. Kat Von D's High Frequency: This was SUPER black and made my blonde wimpy lashes look like i was wearing falsies. It gave me faith in curling mascaras! Unfortunately it was really creamy and no one knew how to deal with that so it got discontinued :'( 



2. Kat Von D's Sin-Full Lash: It replaced High Frequency and wasn't disappointing. BUT over time i learned to love it-- it gave a really defined look which was great. Then it was replaced by Immortal Lash which is in the top 5 worst mascaras I've ever used.


3. Illamasqua's Masquara: Similar to High Frequency, just a drier formula. Sure I can still get it elsewhere, but I'm just sad that Sephora no longer carries the brand.


Re: Tell us about your favorite mascara!

I like to layer mascaras for length and volume, and therefore have a few favorites.  Lately, I've been using the Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara as a lash primer.  I like that it has lash conditioning treatments, and it also works well as a primer.  My lashes are short and hard to curl.


Next I use a lengthening mascara.  My absolute favorite for this is Maybelline Lash Stiletto.


Last, I use a volumizing mascara.  There are 2 that I currently like, the first one is the Jordana Volumizing mascara (black tube with purple writing), this is sold at drugstores (like Walgreens) and is approximalely $3, so it is a real bargain.  My second favorite is Too Faced Better Than Sex.  Using either one of these, my lashes are long, dark and have a lot of volume.  The Too Faced holds a curl really well.  The brush is just OK, I think it contributes to a messy application, where dots of mascara end up on the lids and on the skin underneath the lower lashes.  One tip I read about that really helps is to wipe of the wand on a tissue after removing it from the tube, especially the end.  That gets rid of excess product that can cause clumps or blobs.

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