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Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

My name is Bombshell and I continue to be an eyeshadow addict enthusiast !! However, five weeks ago I began a quest to actually start using my mountains and mountains of palettes and shadows. Along with some awesome ladies who have joined in I have committed to using the same palette 5 days in a row and posting the results at the end of five days. Those with single shadows are welcome to join in as well! 

If you are interested in the original rules & lists posted they can be found in off topic, (take the challenge: palette parade).  the gist of it is make a list, plan to show all your shadows love for extended period of time (5days), if you hate it first day move on. I am also planning to add weeks of singles by brand (Stila week, UD week, Nars week).  I think instead of posting and editing lists it would be easier to report what we plan to use at the beginning of the week and the report the results at the end. We meet here at the end of the week to discuss what we wore for the week, how it worked for us and most importantly to share pictures and advice! Anyone can join as we all started at different times and have different numbers of palettes, and will finish at different times. I am looking at 38 (?) more weeks if I don't buy one more palette! Smiley Wink Xoxo I look forward to more fun parading with all you girls!

Palette Parade Princesses: CalamityJane85, Nikki, LadyMeag, Beethousand, AmberAngeline, MaFan, nurseCupcake, Carolang, Jenblush, Malday, Sparlekai, GHKim, IttyxBittyxMe, Katie241, SirenPrincess, Manniface.

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

I definitely want to do a singles parade when done with this.


Also, a lipstick parade. 


I think I'd do one a day though, and have weekends as cheat days.

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

A lipstick parade would be awesome - I have... uh, a lot of lipstick and would probably need a couple of months to get through a daily-with-weekend-cheat-days lipstick parade. It's also my plan in six months or so when I'm done with the palette parade. Smiley Tongue 

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Any suggestions on what to use next?

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Ooooooo Shortstuff! You have wonderful taste in palettes!!! Go KVD!!! I miss mine terribly and can live vicariously through you!

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

how about the vice palette and then i can live through you since i didn't get one?

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Or the Creme Couture that you have made me want so much. I blame you, and only you. 

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

is that the one you're on the hunt for nikki?

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Yes, I am pretty sure it's because I saw the back of it in Shortie's stash, and then decided that I needed it more than anything else in the world.


And it is sold out everywhere. I even checked websites in Dubai.




Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

I'm still going strong! Love this idea!

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

That is awesome Carolong! Love those palettes girl!! Smiley Wink

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Thanks for creating a new thread.  I was just thinking that we might want one that wasn't as long and wasn't lost on the Off Topic section, and then I found this!


Here's my list again:


1 Tarte Rising Star -- keep
2 Chanel Charming Eyeshadow Palette -- keep
3 Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons -- put in TSB
4 Bare Minerals The True Romantic (4) -- used once -- return
5 YSL Pure Chromatics #9 -- keep
6 Stila In The Know -- keep
7 Lancôme Kissed By Bronze -- keep
8 Clinique GWP -- olive in my martini/at dusk/peach pop/French vanilla -- put in TSB
9 Too Faced Boudoir Eyes -- keep
10 Estée Lauder GWP -- Sugar Cube/Tranquil Moon/Nocturnal Blue/Iridescent Violet/Amethyst Spark/Lavish Mink -- put in TSB
11 LORAC Pro to Go -- keep
12 LORAC Uptown Allure -- keep
13 Lancôme GWP -- Daylight/Kitten Heel/Gaze/Guest List -- keep for now
14 Laura Mercier Artists Palette (2013) -- love it -- keep
15 TheBalm NUDEtude -- keep
16 Lancome GWPs Latte/24 Karat/Guest List/Impress, Latte/Kitten Heel/Clock Strikes 12/Zip Me Up, Pink pearls/Designer/Exhibition/Lava, Daylight/Peep/Sparkle/Snap -- not sure about last one but keep them all for now
17 LORAC Downtown Drama, LORAC Little Lace Palette Ravish, LORAC Red Carpet Reveal Palette,LORAC Wild For Tantalizer
18 Clinique Party Favours
19 Estée Lauder Deluxe EyeShadow Palette (18; 2013)
20 Bare Minerals The Perfect Ten
21 Stila In the Moment
22 Urban Decay Feminine Palette
23 Tarte femme naturale
24 Tarte NeutralEYES
25 Urban Decay Glinda Palette
26 Lancôme Ruby Affair
27 LORAC Unzipped
28 Tarte Romancing The Glow
29 Sephora Vivid Mulberry
30 LORAC Femme Fatale
31 Bare Minerals The Next Big Thing (4)
32 Tarina Tarantino Jewel Shadow Palette Magical
33 Bare Minerals The Happy Place (4)
34 Tarte Aqualillies
35 TheBalm Balm Jovi
36 Sephora Moonshadow baked palette In The Heat
37 Too Faced Natural Eye
38 LORAC Eye Candy
39 Estée Lauder Blockbuster (2013)
40 Stila Artful Eye Collection volume 2
41 Bare Minerals Light Show
42 Bare Minerals The Star Treatment (8)
43 Tarina Tarantino Jewel Shadow Palette Delightful
44 LORAC Mint Collection
45 Bobbi Brown GWP -- Rome/Heather Mauve/Saddle/Mahogany
46 Sephora Burnished Cocoa
47 Stila Artful Eye Collection volume 1
48 Cargo Let's Meet in Paris


This past week I was working with Stila's In the Know.  I've had (and used it off and on) for a while, but all mattes gets a bit boring for me.  So I used it Monday-Wednesday, then we had snow Thursday.  Friday I used my much loved Stila French Riviera trio (kitten, grace and mahogany).  Yesterday I used a Bare Minerals High Shine eyecolor in Glisten -- and it is REALLY high shine. It felt like a bit much so I blended a bit of one of the matte browns from In the Know over it and it added some nice depth and cut the edge a bit.  (Today was more shoveling and if I put anything on it's only to play).


Next week should be interesting with a coordinated Bronze palette.  I'll see what I can do in a single color family like that since it's meant more for one look.


I'm going to have to add to my list.  Not only is there the NARS palette I forgot, but I got another YSL Pure Chromatics (with pink shades) and then yesterday found the Stila Masterpiece trio of palettes at Nordstrom Rack for $16 or $17.  And I got one of the Dancing with the Stars sets for $15-25% since it was on clearance.


Yes, I have a problem.  But they look like so much fun.  I might even bump one up because it might work for travel.  I need to pick one to try for that soon.

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Ghkim & Beethousand both suggested it might be time to start a new thread. I figured why not? Smiley Happy I like user friendly! Lol

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Man, I wish I didn't have to reshare my addiction with the world




1-BE Bare Platinum (keeping all but one)
2-Stila Vol I Eye Palette (keeper)
3-BE Pure Pleasures (didn't get to all shades, but loved the ones I did use)
4-TF Naked Eyes (keeper)
5-UD Fun (keep)
6-BE Diamonds (TSBing half, keeping half)
7-Too Faced Sweet Dreams
8-Sephora Smoky Eye kit (keeping, but pitched the mascara)
9-Benefit I glam therefore I am (keeper)
10-BE Renegade Chic (TSBing all but one shade)
11-BE Eye Lining (keeper)
12-BE Meet the Plums
13-Stila Smoky Eye
14-Lorac Color me Couture
15-TF Natural Face
16-Sephora Smoky Eyes
17-Laura Mercier Secrets to Radiance (keep)
18-Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer (keep)
19-BE Sexy
20-BE Meet the Stones (vanished into the ether) 
21-UD Anarchy
22-BE Animal Instincts
23-Tarte Gold Palette (gnomes stole)
24-BE Sweet Decadence
26-BE Natural Muse (keep)
27-BE Rocker Eye
28-Smashbox Chic Copper
29-Nars At First Sight
30-Pop Smoky Rose
31-Naked 2
32-Nars Forever Yours
33-UD 15 Anniversary
34-Tarte Clutch
35-UD Glinda
36-BE Heroes
37-BE Get Started Fair
38-BE Glimmers
39-UD Naked
40-Lorac Platinum Palette
41-BE Carnivale
42-Buxom Flirt Alert
43-BE Bare Pearl
44-TF Secret to No Makeup
45-UD Feminine
46-BE Smoky Eye
47-BE Crown Jewels
48-Lancome GWP Palette
49-Lorac Red Carpet
50-TF Boudoir Eyes
51-Buxom Hot Ticket
52-BE Ruby
53-Lorac private affair
54-UD Wallpaper
55, 56, 57-3 Revlon Cream Eyeshadow Palettes
58-Smashbox Flash
59-Cargo Holiday Nights
60-Lorac Candy Eyes
61-BE Crystals
62-BE Foiled Eyes
63-Too Faced Chocolate Bar
64-Smashbox Sparks
65-BE Get Cheeky
66-Clinique GWP
67-Benefit Sunday Funday
68--BE Tathitian
69-BE Crash Course
70-Smashbox Beauty in Bloom
71-BE Pure Platinum
72-Naked 3
73-Benefit Glamorous Nudes
74-Benefit Sexiest Nudes
75-BE Black Ice
76-BE Bare Gold
77-The Balm Holiday in Balm Beach
78-UD Sustainable
79-Benefit Girls Night In
80-Benefit Scene Queen
81-TF Summer Eyes
82-BE Crystalized
83-Benefit Easiest Nudes
84-Too Faced Sweet Candy
85-Smashbox Ultimate Eyes
86-Sephora Silver Palette
87-TF Matte Collection
88-Mac Palette
89-Buxom Swing
90-TF Natural Eye
91-TF Natural at Night
92-Clinique Party Favors
93-TF Romantic Eye
94-Smashbox Hot Date
95-Estee Lauder GWP
96-Smashbox Rose Gold
97-Smashbox Wish Palette
98-Smashbox Full Exposure (TSB'd)
99-Nars Narcissist Palette
100-Lorac Little Black Palette
101-Lorac Oh La Lace
102-The Complete Fullmetal Collection
103-The Complete Death Note Collection
104-The Complete Tributes Collection
105-The Complete Legends Collection
106-The Complete Seven Kingdoms Collection
107-The Complete Hobbit Collection
108-Superneutrals Complete Set
109-Win or Die Complete Set
110-Strange Aeons Complete Set
111-Witchcraft and Wizardry Complete Set
112-This Isn't A Democracy Complete Set
113-Timey Wimey Complete Set
114-Fellowship Complete Set
115-Dior Trianon Pastel Frontages 5 Colour Palette

118-Dangerous UD

119-BE Perfect 10

120-BE Degrees of Dazzling

121-BE City Lights

122-Naturally Matte It Cosmetics Palette

123-Lorac Pro

124-Paul and Joe Gingerbread Set

125-Paul and Joe Yellow Set

126-TF Ala Mode

127-TF Soliel Palette (love it!)

128-BE 7 Ways to Bare

129-Guerlain Les Fumes

130-Chanel Les Ombres de Fleur


132-Anna Sui

133-Clinique Mini Duo w/Blush
134-Clinique Splashy Pinks
135-Clinique splashy nudes
136-Guerlain Perles de Mers
137-Dior Garden Pastels

138- Marc Jacob Siren

139-Dior Garden Roses

140-Dior Pink Pompadour

141-Nars Delphes

142-Dior 642
143-Dior Pink Extase

144-TF Country

145-TF Rock N Roll

146-Etude House So Chic

147-YSL Palette

 148-Ariel Mini Palette



Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Love you Nikki! You aren't addicted! You are an enthusiast!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

ok i shall be alternating living with you and bombie!

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Eventually I am going to talk my twin into living with me so you can just live with us!! Lol

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Let me know when you work it out. I'm coming over for a vacation!

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Bombie and I will throw the best sleep overs!



Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

True that Nikki! 

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Can I come shopping at your house?

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

Yes Smiley Happy I do want to TSB some of it, like the Cargo palette, but it's older so Idk if anyone will want it.



Also, my last few sets are loose pigments from Shiro and Geek Cosmetics, which are vegan and 100% Cruelty Free down the supply line.


I haven't gotten my orders yet, but they look gorgeous, and have great ratings from Phyrra, etc. They have a lot of stuff, so it might be another great option for you Plant <3

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

I am getting my shiro order on Tuesday Smiley Happy

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0

I have a Shiro order coming soon too :-)

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0



I just starting following them on FB, since they do monthly colors.


And Geek Chic, I followed because I want those cute collector's tins!

Re: Take the Challenge: Palette Parade version 2.0



I got my shipping notification, so mine should be in soon too.


Geek Chic got hit by snow, so it'll be longer for those Smiley Sad

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