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Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

Hey guys ,


I have very oily skin/lids and it's been really hard for me trying to find a gel liner that does not smudge throughout the day as a result of my oily skin.


The eyeliner on my lids stay pretty well but my wings always fade and smudge down to the bottom of my eye and I just hate it..


I prefer gel liners because they look more natural and they are easier to smooth outl - although liquid eyeliners are better in terms of how they do stay on my lids, they just aren't the look I am going for


I absolutely hate the Bobbi Brown eyeliner and I have tried the Tarte and Smashbox gel liners and they still smudge no matter what I do - EVEN IF I PUT PRIMER ON BEFOREHAND!!! 


I don't trust the stila smudge pots and the YSL gel liner has toxic ingredients...




Smiley Happy **** UPDATE UPDATE **** !!!! Smiley Happy


Hi everyone, thank you for the great suggestions keep them coming if you can because I've seen some awesome suggestions.


I just bought Make Up Forever's cream liner and it's f*cking awesome, to say the least. My wings don't budge although there is some slight smudging on the  bottom corners... HOWEVER, the actual shape of the wings DO NOT change.




My eyes, nose and forehead are extremely oily - like sto0o0opid Asian skin oily and it's hard to find things that stay all day. But seriously - stop listening to the "best sellers" and "top rated" choices and really DIG to find out what's good for you and what ALSO HAS GREAT RATINGS EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT ON THE FIRST 2 PAGES OF THE SEPHORA PAGES ********


This just goes to show you that the most "popular" or most talked about/heard about WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT - are NOT always the best.


Keep the suggestions coming because I want to find the ultimate solution to stop that smudging!!!! 



Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

hello everyone Smiley Happy so i've tried Makeup Forever's gel liner and it works wonders. My wings stay although there is some slight smudging but holy crap am I impressed Smiley Happy

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

YSL in a pot is the best one I've tried.  I think it's techincally a cream and not a gel, but I don't know the difference.  It hasn't budged on me and it's just as easy to work with today as the day I bought it.  For me, Bobbi Brown is waaaay too dry and tugs on my eyes. 

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

Hmm, if the Urban Decay primer is still causing you to smudge, maybe gel eyeliner isn't the best choice for you? The Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencils are as creamy as any gel eyeliner, and they're the only ones that don't smudge on me. Well, they do eventually, but not until much later than the rest. Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner liquid liner is also fantastic.


I've heard that setting the shadow with a powder works for some people. Have you tried that?


This isn't available at Sephora, but I highly recommend the Elf makeup remover pen. I carry it around with me, and it's saved me more than once when I've smudged later in the day or blinked before the liner was dry.

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

I found the Tarte Clean Slate™ 360º creaseless 12-hr smoothing eye primer (holy long name, batman) to be really good at controlling oil & mattifying the eyelid.  I have never used it without shadow on top & it's white so it needs to be rubbed in well but I found that my makeup did not budge or crease at all.  I used this in combination with the Tarte EmphasEYES waterproof gel liner (didn't set it with anything) & it lasted impeccably all day. The 12-hour name is no joke! 

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

Inglot gel liners are awesome, dry fast and don't budge.  I also have to agree that I bought the Bobbi Brown gel liner and hated it.

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

Make Up For Ever has "Aqua Black" which is labeled really confusingly but is a gel/cream very very dark black liner that's waterproof and smudge proof.


MAC Fluidline is also nice, as much as I don't like to admit (not a MAC fan LOL)


I admit I just confused myself about the difference between gel and cream liners so I apologize if those suggests aren't what you're looking for.

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

I've tried a bunch of gel liners and the buxom one is by far my favorite. After it set's it does not budge at all. I recently bought the bobbi brown gel liner since it's so "popular" I hate it! It seems more like a cream liner than gel. 

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

Omg! Finally someone who understands me! I bought it because of it's popularity too and I hate it so much - I really think it's just something people want to love or like because of the brand, it's an absolutely horrible eye liner. 


Maybe i'll go take a look at the buxom tomorrow!

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

I was going to recommend the tarte 24 hour eyeliner but you said that doesn't work for you. I'm puzzled.. Maybe do you set your eyeliner with a shadow at all?


Also, what primer are you using on your eyes?

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

i'm using the urban decay primer potion, with a black shadow yeah?

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

I was going to recommend the same thing as colorobsession. I have very oily eye lids and UDPP did not work for me. My shadow would crease like crazy and my eyeliner would smudge. But once I used NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base i haven't had that problem.

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

Have you ever tried NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base? It's also transparent, but I find it works way better (especially on oily skin) than Urban Decay. I have the Tarte EmphasEYES and I find that if I use the NARS primer underneath it doesn't go anywhere all day. I also tend to set my gel liners with a matching powder shadow, which I think helps even more.

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

That sounds like a really good suggestion. Although I didn't like the EmphsEYES texture I think I'll try your method with the Smashbox that I have now. Thank you sooo much.


open to more suggestions if anyone has more!

Re: Smudge proof/long lasting gel eyeliner?

You're welcome! If you try it out definitely let me know how that works :-) I hope you find a solution to your smudgy-woes soon!!

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