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Sephora Collection Portfolio


Is it just me, or is Sephora tripping?  $600 for 80 of their no name eyeshadows?  You can buy those Coastal Scents palettes for like $40.  I can't believe anyone would buy this.

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

They are full size shadows.  Sephora sells them for $13 each.  If you divide the price of the set by the number of shadows, if I did the math correctly, it comes out to $7.50 per shadow.  So, I guess that is a bargain compared to the normal $13 price, but who would use all those colors?  I don't think it's a bargain if there are colors that you will never you are paying for those as well.

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

I think they should give these out as the elusive Rouge "perks" Smiley Wink


In reality though, I would never even use the majority of the colors in any of those sets.  I do love looking at sets though!  It is a strange fascination Smiley Wink

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

yeah i agree! and they are the newer formulation of sephoras eyeshadows and they are all very smooth and pigmented. there are swatches on Beautyzine! and I've swatched the individuals in store and they are really good!

not at all like the normal sephora palette quality

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

Yeah, that contains half the amount of shadow than the Anthology, at 1.008oz, but makes up for it in all the other stuff it has... bringing the total ounces and "given value" pretty close to the Anthology... I am guessing they priced it more because it is an "all-in-one" kit... 

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

I'm not sure if I follow your logic here. 


The Portfolio is $107/oz.  The Anthology is $17/oz.  Why do we care that Sephora claims that it's a $240 value?  They can claim it's a million dollar value.  The only thing that counts is what they're actually charging. 


I'm curious as to where they got the $240 figure from when claiming that the Anthology is a $240 value.  Since Sephora sells their individual shadows for $13/.07 oz, or $185/oz, the Anthology is more of a $375 value, and the Portfolio is a $1036 value.  But, like I said, none of that matters.  The only thing that matters is how much you're paying per oz and the Portfolio is costing $107/oz while the Anthology is costing $17/oz.  What a very weird sales tactic.

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

I would like to say I could care less what values of these things are, but all the math that's going on is making me feel warm and fuzzy and put a smile on my face. #Nerrrrrrd


ps. In general Sephora palette quality seems to be worse than their singles, and they recently reformulated (this summer?). The portfolio seems to be consist of the new/improved singles. With that said, half of Sephora Collection ends up in sales anyways. I don't care for the shadows, but I had my eyes on a set of brushes that I hope will go on sale after a while.

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

The only time I ever get Sephora eyeshadow palettes is when they go on sale (and 9 times out of 10 they do.) That said, I still think the portfolio is a bit steep even if it were 50% off.

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

This is the only Sephora palette I ever purchased was similar to this, but had more shadows. 


It was from 5 or 6 years ago I think. It was terrible. I got it for the pink shades, but it was so chalky. I then got a pink trio or quad & didn't like that either. I know they've reformulated the shadows, but they are generic, the same as BH, costal scents... 

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

Anybody remember the UD Vault?


Some Stats:


Sephora vs. UD

$599 total cost vs. $595

80 shadows vs. 68

$7.49 per individual shadow in set vs. $8.75 

$13 for 0.07 oz MSRP for individual vs. $18 for 0.05 oz


Honestly, I would much rather have the UD vault. Despite the tinier amount and fewer shadows, the value is much better. Saving about ten dollars per shadow is better than about five dollars. Anyway, not many people use up singles that large anyway, so the amount of each individual color is kinda irrelevant (to me at least). Finally, Urban Decay is Urban Decay and there shadows have an amazingly good quality luxury formula, whereas Sephora Collection ones are kinda hit or miss.

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

Wow! That really is crazed! Don't even through in an empty palette or two...

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

Yeah, this is kinda ridiculous...

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

Maybe they feel they have the market cornered now that the Mother Lode Shadow Vault is completely sold out?  ;-)

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

when I was ten I got one of the sephora palettes and was in love, now when I look back that was such a terrible quality set for the price. I think sephora collection makeup can SOMETIMES come out with things that are okay quality, but for that price I think it's ridiculous. 

Re: Sephora Collection Portfolio

Wow thats crazy! O_O (its 720$ for Canadians!)

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