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Rose Gold Eye Liner?

Do any brands make a rose gold eyeliner pencil (that can be bought in stores)? I was watching a Michelle Phan video and her brand sells one and I imagine the color would look really lovely on the water line.

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

I was looking at the Ulta website last night and I saw that Jane cosmetics had one in Rose Gold (its on sale for $4.80 right now!!!) . I have an eyeliner in aqua from them thats surprisingly really good quality! I definitely plan on buying more if that tells you anything.


Might be worth checking out, especially for the price!

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

Tried to find swatches online but I can't. But here's what the product looks like.

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

I visited Ulta today and they were $6 in the store. They didn't have any of the rose gold left or I might have gotten it. Ended up getting the NYX Silky Cashmere instead.

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

Huh that's odd. I just double checked the website and it still says $4.80 (20% off). I wonder why I'm seeing a different price

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

Picked this up today along with the navy, purple, and brown, it is gorgeous! I already have black, white, and lime green. These pencils are my new fave. They stay in the waterline better than any pencil I have ever used.


Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

I was thinking you could experiement with eye color sticks and get more varieties here are a few.Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color Rose gold 



Make up Forever Aqua Shadow Essentials:
COLOR Neutral - pearly taupe/ pearly beige/ black

Hello Kitty Charmmy Eyeshadow - Cupcake (which is more of a shimmery golden beige really)

STILASmudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Primer + Shadow + Liner - Antique 


there are tons to experiment with you can even use eyeshadow and a smudge brush if you like but be careful not to get it past the waterline. Smiley Happy

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

Giorgio Armani's Copper eyeliner looks very close and these are the only swatches I could find:The GA pencil on top is #5 copper and I think the gold color is #4 antique gold but 5 is really pretty.

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

Hi Bleuorchid21,


You could try Jazz (Berry) - raspberry purple with shimmer by Marc Jacobs. Its more on the rose side however it does have tiny flecks of gold!

<3 Melissa

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

Glad to see someone already brought up the Chanel eyeliner. It's the most true to color rose gold eyeliner I've found yet.

Re: Rose Gold Eye Liner?

It is not a liner but Bobbi Brown makes a eye shadow called rose gold.

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