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Recreating this eye look?

I saw this online and want to know if anyone knows which eyeshadow or pigment was used/can be used to get this effect? TIA62fe89127065107f74747a4f08ed6d51.jpg

Re: Recreating this eye look?

Hi jazmuffs,

Check out these glitter pigments:

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Metallic Cobalt

Lancôme Color Design Infinité in 401 Magnetic Teal

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Eyeshadow – Glitter in N° 31 Fairy Princess - Rich Plum Glitter

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Intergalactic - medium purple with bright silver sparkle

Also, Lit Cosmetics has a lot of sparkly pigments to choose from >

Smiley Happy -Laura




Re: Recreating this eye look?

Not quite the same, but two base shadows that would work well paired with a sparkle or pigment to get that intense shimmer would be the bareMinerals duo in the vision.


Actually, I have that shadow duo as well as the brown shimmer eyeshadow called Diamond Dog by Urban Decay... I have a feeling those 3 wil get you close but possibly not quite as intense. Also without the blue glitter (Diamond dog is a silver glitter with a sheer brownish base, its beautiful though).


I am going to try to recreate it with those shadows tomorrow!

Re: Recreating this eye look?

Kick off the look with primed lids using an eye shadow primer of your choice.


The color on the inner half of the lid along with the crease can be interpreted as a duochrome shade as there's shifts of brown, purple, and even a touch of blue.


Kat Von D's Shade Shifter Shadows in On the Road and Love Letter would be some great example shades to use. Blend the two together, layering the purple more along the crease and using a fluffier brush to blend and soften the area of definition while the inner half of the lid can be packed more generously with the brown/purple.


Kat Von D - Shade Shifter EyeshadowKat Von D - Shade Shifter Eyeshadow

Here are some swatch images of the two shades in different light so you can get the idea of the color shifts for the shades even better:


You can see that On the Road is definitely a more red based brown, which makes it play nice with the purple (as it plays up the red used to create purple), but that green/blue shift in it gives it that extra dimension that prevents it from being a flat brown.


If you find that the purple shade (Love Letter) is too rich on its own, take a cooler, grey-toned violet and dust it over to mute down the color some. Something like Bobbi Brown's eye shadow in Healther (matte medium grey violet) would be suitable:

Bobbi Brown - Eye Shadow

For the color used on the outer corner, opt for a vibrant turqioise with a satin or slight sheen. Try Urban Decay's eye shadow in Peach, which is a bright shade to make outer corners pop.

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow


Now, for that added, extra special touch of glitter, I would highly suggest checking into Lit Cosmetics. Sephora carries a few of their glitter kits, but check out their website for a super wide array of glitter and shimmers that range in size and grain to give you the option of bolder, chunkier glitter or more refined glitter.


Lit Cosmetics has a duochrome that has a casts of rich chocolate with a touch of green and blue:


I would suggest mixing that in with Peacock to give it a slightly stronger lean to a brown/blue shift rather than a brown/green shift.


Lit sells the bonding liquid as well as varying brushes (from flat shadow brushes to thin liner brushes) for precise application.


Add a flick and swish of rich, black liner from either a liquid or dense, rich cream or gel to the lashline and wing it out for a sharp wing. Stila, Smashbox, and Kat Von D make great liquid liners that are long lasting and super deep in pigment. You can also check out gels/creams from MUFE, Smashbox, Clinique, Tarte, and Bobbi Brown.


For the bottom lash line, for the inner half, use a coppery, bronze shade such as Urban Decay's Scorch and Deep End (a smokier turquoise) on the outer half.


Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Eye PencilUrban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


You can always take a hint of shadow and smudge the liners as well to soften up their definition. Shades like Baked or Half Baked by UD would work well over Scorch while you can use Hijack (a deep teal) over Deep End.

Urban Decay - EyeshadowUrban Decay - Eyeshadow

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow


Take a black liner and trace along the inner rim/waterline of the bottom as well as tightline the top lash line for an added intensity of black and to amp up lashes once mascara (and falsies) are applied.


Here's a helpful thread on detailing out lining the waterline and tightlining process:


Re: Recreating this eye look?

As usual, you are awesome!  I adore those Kat Von D shades, and need those when I come off my no buy.

Re: Recreating this eye look?

^_^ Thank you!

Re: Recreating this eye look?

Wow. I've seen a few of your other responses and you are just so awesome.

What an amazing eye you have.

Re: Recreating this eye look?

Thank you so much, Evangeline! I'm always here to help!

Re: Recreating this eye look?


Re: Recreating this eye look?

OMG I think I love you! Yes! exactly what I needed....thank you so much :-D

Re: Recreating this eye look?

You're welcome! I'm happy I could help! Best of luck in recreating the look!

Re: Recreating this eye look?

What a wonderful response! It is so kind of you to take the time to look all that up and put it together. You are one of the people that make this board so great.

Re: Recreating this eye look?

To Fatima and Missey, thank you so much! Smiley Very Happy I love being here at BT and sharing anything I can. The wonderful people I've gotten to know through here keep me going! 

Re: Recreating this eye look?

Just as missey1973 said,,,,,a great an thorough solution by you as usual Smiley Happy

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