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RAVE makeup

I'm going to a rave soon and I have no idea what to do for make up. 
I'm thinking about dying my hair, and I need suggestions on what to do with it too.

I'm wearing a hot pink bandeau under an orange reflective vest and a black mini skirt.

I have blue eyes and very long blonde hair.  I'd love to do something really crazy that played up my eyes alot.

I'm open to any suggestions and pictures would be great!

Re: RAVE makeup

what is a rave? and why are you getting so dramitic looking for it?

Re: RAVE makeup

Sounds like fun!  This is what I might do if I were you. (:


Hair: Pick a few of your favorite colors (pink and orange to match your outfit? green and purple look great at raves too) and get a few temporary streaks in your hair, since it shows up really well on blondes, and they wash out eventually, rather than dying your whole head.  Then make it wavy and crazy by braiding it loosely the night before.  Hair accessories optional!


Makeup: Since you want to play up your eyes, I'd suggest 2 or 3-toned eyeshadow application.  Break out your eyeshadow collection and check out some youtube tutorials!  Have fun playing with neon colors you may not be able to pull off for everyday.  Next step is glitter--  very popular at raves-- think Ke$ha.  Got any colored mascara, maybe in blue?  That woud be fun, and draw lots of attention to the blue in your eyes.  You could either keep the lips natural, or if you want a bit more pop, you might look into orange-tinted lip glosses.  They're a lot easier to pull off than they sound.  Have fun!


Youtube tutorial for eyeshadow that I think would look great on you and with your outfit:  Search for "electro candy rave makeup EDC" by xsparkage.


@Nanobear: A rave is basically a huge dance party with lots of techno-pop dance music and brightly colored lights.  Very energetic and fun.

Re: RAVE makeup

Try playing with neon colors. I would stick with one color on my lids and then maybe black liquid liner on top. Then you could top it off with hot pink gloss. If you want to get super adventurous, try taking a diferent neon color and line your bottom lash line with it. Makeup Forever and Urban Decay have different products in crazy colors that you can check out. I recommend the Aqua Creams (Makeup Forever) and the 24/7 Eyeliners and Shadow Sticks (Urban Decay). Those stay on for a really long time, so you won't have to touch them up during the party.


 Makeup Forever Aqua Creams:


Urban Decay 24/7 Liner:


Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Stick:



Hope I helped! Smiley Happy

<3 beautygeek97




Re: RAVE makeup

You should check out Sugarpill's eyeshadows! They're crazy bright, really pigmented, and only about $12/color. Their Facebook page is very active, so you should find plenty of ideas on there.

Re: RAVE makeup

Hey torayyy. I hope I'm not too late to give you some other suggestions!  I definitely agree with ialli that pink and orange will look not only amazing with your outfit, but also really bring out those gorgeous blue eyes.  In terms of hair accessories, check out the Sephora Collection Ribbon Hair Ties that you could wrap into your hair!


@beautygeek97 - Those are great choices!  I would also recommend them because they're waterproof so you don't need to worry about having your makeup gone by the end of the rave.


Have fun and be safe!





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