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Pop of color?

Hey Beauty Talkers!! Okay, so I wanted to give my makeup a pop of color, but I am not a fan of the complete "blue" eye. (by "blue" eye I mean that bright color all over the lid. Blue is kind the sterotypical color I guess. Smiley Tongue)


I would just like something to give a pop of color that doesnt make me look like a clown, If you know what I mean.


And another thing. I doesnt just have to be  eye makeup. Any kind of makeup product is fine!



Re: Pop of color?

For a pop of color on the eyes, I like to use a bright with different neutrals.  I'll sometimes use a a neutral on the inner 1/3 or 1/2 of the lid, and then I'll apply the bright shade to the remaining part.  Blend it as needed and decided if a light crease shade is needed.

Re: Pop of color?

I absolutely love purple shadow and I use colored liners for a pop of color too. Purple and gold are my two new colors to keep playing with.

Re: Pop of color?

i agree, bright blue shadow is sooo not my thing. i take a colored eyeliner and line my lower lashline with it. its not too harsh, if you choose the right color but it still adds some interest. colored mascaras look cool underneath/over black mascaras, this way they are not too bright. also, sheer but bright lip stains are good too... also colored liners such as gold, blue, bronze, and green are pretty cool too. i know what you mean, i am all about adding interest to my look without looking like a clown

Re: Pop of color?

Try a colored eyeliner, just a simple stroke on the upper lid, and if you like it, half of the bottom lid. The color is the focal point, so no need to do anything fancy unless you are going for a flashy runway look.

(random image from google)



You can try colored mascara like navy or forest green or purple if you have brown/black hair.

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