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Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

Hello, I am looking for an eyeshadow palette that has a mixture of mattes and shimmers. I am looking for a palette with brown colours. If you have any suggestions please let me know, thanks! 

any of the Lorac palattes ❤❤

any of the Lorac palattes ❤❤

NARS Narcissist Eyeshadow Palette has a great blend of ea...

NARS Narcissist Eyeshadow Palette has a great blend of earth tone mattes and shimmer shadows.

Re: Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar or Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette!! Both are beautiful. Smiley Happy

RE: Re: Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

I completely agree

Re: Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

You can check out Morphe if you haven't already. I like their 25A Copper Spice palette.

RE: Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

I'd also recommend Juvia's place's Nubian palette... beautiful shadows but their customer service sucks.

Re: RE: Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

I've wanted to try their palettes. Did you have a bad experience with them?

Re: RE: Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

They kind of gave me the run around when one of the shadows in my palette arrived shattered. They did eventually refund my money.


the quality is phenomenal for the price, especially the metallic/shimmery shades. Some colors are so pigmented they stain my super pale skin too. 

Re: Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

Try Viseart's Theory palette in Cashmere. Great quality and blendability

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