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Hey there!

I need help deciding which eye shadow palette to buy. I really want a nice variety of colors, good pigmentation, and very neutral shadows. I have narrowed down my search to this options

1.too face natural eyes

2. Urban decay Naked 2

3. Too face chocolate bar

4. Lorac Pro palette

5. Urban Decay Naked 3

Please help me make a decision.


Re: Palette

I have all of the Nakeds, the Chocolate Bar, and although this isn't on your list Too Faced Boudoir. I love all of the Nakeds, but (don't anyone hate me for this Smiley Happy  ), the Naked 2 is my least favorite. I love the Naked 3 and Chocolate Bar -- both are great choices. I also love the Boudoir palette. I mention it because its made by Too Faced and all the Too Faced palettes get fairly good reviews, I'm looking to eventually purchase a couple more of their palettes. You've got all great choices and I think that you will be satisfied with whatever you ultimately decide.

Re: Palette

I've had my eye's on the Lorac Pallete right after I got my Naked Pallete - Too Face Chocolate Bar isn't a bad choice either. 


If you're looking for neutrals from an array from light to dark, Lorac Pro for sure, one row is shimmer and one row is matte... it's basically heaven, and probably going to be my third palette soon lol...

Re: Palette

I've got to agree with you there. The Lorac Pro has quickly become my go-to palette. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Pro 2 in a few days!

Re: Palette

It's a toss up between the chocolate bar and naked 2. 

Re: Palette

I have all of them, and would have to say Naked 2 is the best choice (in my opinion.)

Too faced is nice, and while I like the chocolate bar palette, I prefer urban decay's eyeshadows.

And I feel like the lorac pro palette is way overhyped...I hardly use mine because I just feel "meh" about it.


If you don't mind a little sparkle and shimmer, naked 2 (and this is best if you have cool undertones, naked 1 works better with warmer undertones), but if you want more matte shades go with the lorac one.

Re: Palette

Hi!  I absolutely love the Naked palettes and they are my favorites!  I don't use Too Faced but I hear good things about their shadows a lot.  Personally the UD shadows are way buttery and super easy to blend out, so I think they'd be great for you especially if you don't have many palettes.

Re: Palette

I love Too Faced eye shadows, I have most of their palettes.  I would definitely recommend the Natural Eyes palette.  You might want to check out the Boudoir eyes palette as well.  Their shadows are a mix of matte, shimmer and the occasional glitter.  I think they are of excellent quality.

Re: Palette

I'm absolutely obsessed with my TF natural eyes palette. It comes with cards that help get you started and I haven't created a look I don't like yet. 

Re: Palette


I started using makeup 2 yrs ago and I wish I seeked recommendations back then Smiley Sad 

I just watched alot of youtube videos and bought the urban decay naked 1 palette. and it wasn't for me. 

all of UD and Lorac palettes have smooth texture and strong pigmentations.. so if that's something you're looking for, I would go with UD naked 2 if your skin is cool toned, UD 3 if your skin has pink undertones and Lorac if you don't know what looks good on you.. it does have a variety. 


but from my experiences, 

UD palettes' shimmer shades are glittery and is metallic 

so on the eyes, different but similar colors in the pan might "mesh" 

Lorac's colors are more true to what it looks like on the pan 


I never had toofaced because they didn't "feel" like they were good quality to touch. but alof of people do love it. its very glittery though.. not as metallic as UD 


Re: Palette

Hi, I went through the same process when I started my makeup collection and I wanted a nice neutral palette.

I had a list of choices that had most of the palettes you named. After researching, I opted for the Chocolate Bar palette and I don't regret at all.
I love it! I might get some of the others later, but for now it works great as my main neutral palette. But I think most girls will advise you to get a UD palette. I love them but for my first palette I wanted something that wasn't so shimmering!

Re: Palette

Hello. I can only speak for the Naked 3 and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. i LOVE them both but tend to reach for the Naked 3 more often since I like the pinkish, rosy tones. I have fair skin, blue eyes, and somewhat light hair.  My only complaint about the Naked 3 is that certain ways that I apply it can make me look tired or bruised, but it's all in how I apply it. I'm finding the rosy colors great for Spring and summer.  With the Chocolate Bar, I'm able to create many different looks and there is a variety of colors. I find it to be very versatile. While looking at your choices, I suspect that you can't lose with any of them. I'll be watching to see what you choose!  Smiley Happy

Re: Palette

I would go for the Lorac Pro Palette for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. The UD Naked palettes always have 1 or 2 shadows with glitter particles that you might not end up using. They also only have 2 matte shades. 


The Lorac Pro Palette has 8 matte shades and 8 shimmery shadows. The TF Chocolate Bar palette has 5 matte, 5 satin, and 6 shimmery shadows. They're both equally amazing. You can create a ton of different looks, from day time looks to super dramatic crazy night time looks. If you're easily drawn to packaging, the TF Chocolate bar is the way to go. 

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