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Palette Help!

Hello Lovely Ladies!


I was wanting to ask you all, Do any of you know of a good all matte palette than contains a white shadow! thats really pigmented! Like when you swatch it on your arm it will show white and not a pale white! and hopefully its matte! Please and thanks!!

Re: Palette Help!

If you can get to a Target that sells e.l.f., their Lock & Seal is reportedly good in a pinch.  Have not personally tried it.

Re: Palette Help!

My walmart sells elf ^.^ i always see the lock and seal, never thought about buying it, I shall go get it today! see if it works haha thanks Smiley Tongue

Re: Palette Help!

I have the lock n seal but i never opened it. I guess I could try it with my UD eyeliner because it seems by the end of the day it smears a bit at the outer corner of my eyes.

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