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Palette Help!

Hello Lovely Ladies!


I was wanting to ask you all, Do any of you know of a good all matte palette than contains a white shadow! thats really pigmented! Like when you swatch it on your arm it will show white and not a pale white! and hopefully its matte! Please and thanks!!

Re: Palette Help!

Are you open to a single white eyeshadow? I am unsure of a palette that has an absolute white shadow but I do know of a few single eyeshadows.. Smiley Happy

Re: Palette Help!

Lorac Oh La Lace.  The white is super pigmented.  It is a little powdery compared to the other colors though.

Re: Palette Help!

At this point, I can only think of LORAC Pro having true, matte white. I think it's pretty pigmented, but I'm not sure anymore, I'll have to check it out. Haven't been using that palette in ages.


Oh, and LORAC Pro is not all matte palette. There are 8 mattes, and 8 shimmers in it. So, I'm not sure I was any help... Smiley Very Happy


Edit: Checked it out. It's very chalky and powdery and ewww! Not really worth it...

Re: Palette Help!

Whhhhaaaaa? 'm not personally offended because it's my favorite palette ever or anything. The Lorac Pro palette shades are all buttery and wonderfully pigmented, in my palette at least, I have never had an issue with my shades being chalky or powdery at all.


This is the white in the Lorac Pro with no primer and no base underneath it, just the color itself. 

Re: Palette Help!

Wow! funny, cause i was thinking of ordering the that lorac pro palette and the lorac unzipped palette! <_< seeing this makes me wanna order it after all


Re: Palette Help!

Sugarpill's Sweetheart palette has a pigmented matte white, Tako.


Does it have to be a palette?  NYX Milk is a terrific shadow pencil.  NYX also has a matte white eye base.

Re: Palette Help!

Seconded on both counts! Smiley Happy 

Re: Palette Help!

thank you ladies ^.^ i will look into all of those! and comfyrock Smiley Happy i have nyx milk pencil.. but i need it to be a shadow Smiley Happy but thank you .

Re: Palette Help!

If you mean a powder (because the NYX pencil is a cream shadow pencil) - Sugarpill's Tako, which is available individually and in the Sweetheart palette, totally would fit. It's whiter, IMO, than MAC's Gesso and applies more evenly. Milani's Paint eyeshadow palette also has a white and is up on CherryCulture and a few other places. Makeup Geek's White Lies is pretty similar to MAC Gesso. 

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