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Post in Everything Eyes


i ventured out of my cave today and was bombarded by a plethora of raccoon eyes. 


what on earth are these ladies thinking? seriously, when i see you, this is all i can think of:


what are some of your biggest fashion and makeup nonos? anything that makes you want to claw your own eyeballs from your face?  



Most of the annoying stuff's been mentioned, but let me add mine: eyebrows that are too far apart. The rest is nicely filled in, shaded, but they're running away from the nose. Whenever I see people like that, I resist the urge to take my brow pencil out and do it for them... Smiley Tongue


The only think I can think of that gives me an actually physical reaction is fingernails of various lengths. If one breaks, either have a fake one put on or file the rest down. 


I kinda shiver and cringe just thinking about it.


These are the ones that make me cringe!


  • Unblended makeup
  • Foundation too dark for your neck
  • Spider lashes (I just threw up a bit in my mouth)
  • Orange fake tans
  • Overdrawn lips
  • Obvious lip liner
  • Too dark/too big eyebrows
  • Cakey foundation/powder
  • Bleached hair that looks like straw
  • Too much bronzer/contour
  • Too shiny skin
  • Concealer lips



While I agree with some of things on here a few things are people's personal preference like overdrawn lips or bug eyebrows like Lily Collins or having the Kim k contour look it's one thing if all of that is done wrong and that's what bothers you but if its just the act in general than it feels like your judging the person's makeup the same way you'd judge the clothing they wear. I feel like more people should love one another especially women I know going through this thread made self conscience about how I do my own makeup.