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Orange Eye-shadow Palette?

I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive, but good quality, orange eye-shadow palette; any suggestions?

RE: Orange Eye-shadow Palette?

This may be a Sephora app but we're all here to consult each other on make up right? I'd say check juvias place. Their make up can only be bought online but it's AMAZINGLY pigmented. If I had to be honest I'm not buying any eyeshadow palettes that aren't from them anymore. They have a few palettes with a variety of colors and are always coming out with new ones.

Re: Orange Eye-shadow Palette?

Define "inexpensive".


urban decay naked heat palette is great, but do you need a full palette? If you have some warm neutrals, getting a single orange shadow or two might be all you need.



RE: Orange Eye-shadow Palette?

I know this is Sephora but I am completely in love with the morphe 35o and it's certainly less than anything on here !

Re: Orange Eye-shadow Palette?

Maybe this one instead?

Re: Orange Eye-shadow Palette?

Sorry I just realized that was sold out! I will see if I can come up with anything else.

Re: Orange Eye-shadow Palette?

Hi @Paige0212, Would this one from Colourpop work?

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