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Ohh La Lashes

Hi lovelies!  I've been thinking of lashes all day & wanted to see what your faves are!  While we don't carry any, I'm currently obsessed with Mink lashes.  I love that they can be worn multiple times & look so fluffy <3  Here's my current go-to's


MUFE 156 Genevieve - Special Occasion lashes

MUFE 156 Genevieve

MUFE 108 Allison - Major Drama/Nights Out


MUFE 108 Alilson

Sephora Collection in Flutter - Daytime Lash Loves

Sephora Collection Flutter


xo, Mia





Re: Ohh La Lashes

I LOVE the MUFE lashes!  I have about 5...  They're very dramatic looking so I only wear them on special occasions...  I also really like UD's. 


My MUFE faves to wear are:



Re: Ohh La Lashes

This brand is amazing! These lashes last a long time, worth every penny. I wear the 156 ones all the time for a more natural look. I've given this brand to my girlfriends to try and all have loved! 

Re: Ohh La Lashes

I prefer the look of demi-lashes to a full set. Sometimes I'll trip a full pair to the demi size because that looks more natural on me (:

I've tried Sephora brand falsies AND drugstore falsies and to be honest, my current favorites are Revlon. Sephora's tend to get crushed more easily and the lashes will crimp if you hold them too tightly.

Re: Ohh La Lashes

WOW!  I am sure they aren't tweezing or shaving minks like sheep so I guess these little rodents have to die so we can have luxe lashes.  That's something I am not comfortable with.   Maybe I can save up all the tweezing I do on myself and make my own natural lashes.  

Re: Ohh La Lashes

LOL, the ones I have are actually faux minkmade of silk.  There are Mink Lashes, but those run a much higher price than I can afford Smiley Tongue  

Re: Ohh La Lashes

Thanks for the clarification, Mia!  I was worried about the cute little minks.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ohh La Lashes

Well silk lashes are a different story!    I am not  familiar with false lashes at all so I took it at face value.  Stay with the silk ones Mia, you will make a mink very happy!  Smiley Happy


Re: Ohh La Lashes

I had to do some reading as I am not familiar with false eyelashes, and while it may seem obvious I didn't know for sure.  Based on what I looked up, there are no mink lashes that are cruelty free so I would never try them. 


As far as other types of eyelashes, I haven't tried them, I wouldn't mind doing so, but my lashes are decent length anyway so I don't really know what occasion I would have to wear them. Plus I'm afraid I would have a reaction to the glue.

Re: Ohh La Lashes

I generally wear lashes for special occasions and right now my favourite lashes are the fabulous We Are Faux lashes, which I had purchased online from I absolutely adore how these look on, the length, sparseness, and size is perfect! They give a dramatic eye look and are very easy to apply as well as reusable.






The Katy Perry lines of eyelashes were the first I had ever tried as far as falsies go, and these are what made me fall in love with wearing falsies on special occasions to give me that beautiful and dramatic eye pop! The Cool Kitty lashes are super dramatic looking but are very stunning on, and the quality of the Katy Perry lashes are on point, and the Sweetie Pie lashes give a more natural look. The colour pop lashes have a very subtle hint of colour to add more drama lashes and look absolutely beautiful. I was getting my makeup done at a sephora counter brought in my purple colour pop lashes and all of the employees freaked out. They fell in love with them (even though they aren't suppose to apply them, only what they have in store), and were amazed with how gorgeous they look. These lashes are reusable and I believe you can get up to 10 wears with these lashes! Also, the adhesive glue they come with is very good!


photo 8.JPG


Hedkani's lashes are great, however they are more on the pricey side compared to other falsies, but you get what you pay for! These lashes give such a natural look and I got so many compliments when wearing these. The top ones are more dramatic looking, but for those who want falsies to create more fullness instead of length, I would recommend the bottom Hedkani's. The adhesive glue they come with is very good, however the only downside to these pricey lashes is that they are not reusable, but they are wonderful nonetheless!






The Creme Shop falsies are made of 100% human hair and I loved the #747s. The #505s made by eyelashes look fuller, but did not give them much length. The #747s reminded me of the Hedkani lashes which I adore! The price (very cheap) and variety of these lashes are great for an everyday look!





Re: Ohh La Lashes

Really great info! Thank you. Smiley Happy

Re: Ohh La Lashes

I love the look of falsies...but would also love a tutorial on applying them! I can never seem to get it right, amongst my anxiety of applying and my unsteady hand....

I would love a tutorial on a 'newbies' applying falsies and understanding the different brands of! Smiley Happy


(I got three kinds of lashes during Halloween and they are still sitting in my makeup drawer because I couldn't bring myself to do them! Eek!)


I love the way they bring out any ones eyes! I wish I knew how to apply them!

Re: Ohh La Lashes

If using strip lashes is too hard for you, try individual lashes! They're a lot easier than applying strip lashes, but they take more time.


Here's a very informative tutorial on strip lashes


and individual lashes



Re: Ohh La Lashes

i found individual lashes to be more difficult. you have to balance them on your lashes, not your eyelid and wait for the glue to dry while you hold each one in place.  The whole process takes forever.  yes, I def think they look super natural and full, but if you dont have 30 min to an hr, I suggest staying away :/

Re: Ohh La Lashes

Thank you hun! Even if it's more time, it's a start right? Small steps first and then on to strips! Thanks for some tips Andy! Smiley Happy

Re: Ohh La Lashes

Andy, what did she "paint" the lash strip with (the black stuff to blend it in with the eyeliner)?

Re: Ohh La Lashes

her eyeliner. 

Re: Ohh La Lashes

Thank you so much, Andy!

Re: Ohh La Lashes

Ooh, I love falsies, but I rarely wear them. I love the Ardelle demi wispies for a pretty natural look. But have a few of the big Katy Perry ones for nights out

Re: Ohh La Lashes

Velour lashes "Hey Shawty!" (I have small hooded eyes so a lot of faways are wayyy too long) are my absolute favorite! (those are mink lashes).


Mink lashes are amazing, not sure I can use others now!

Re: Ohh La Lashes

* falsies!

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