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Hey girls, i need some help choosing an eyeshadow primer that will help my eyeshadow stay on because i have super oily eyelids. Any suggestions?

Thank YOU!


Have you tried the eye shadow primer made for glitter and loose mineral powders? I have some on hand to use when needed, but it has a sticky finish that will make anything stick perfectly, most definitely works with oily skin.

A few brands have put this Primer out, but the one I use is by the Sephora Collection - 24 hr. Glitterguard . It will work miracles and there are a few more high end cosmetic companies that carry a glitter guard primer Smiley Wink


Yeah I would steer clear of the Urban Decay primer.. I have oily lids too and as much as I love Urban Decay they're primer really doesn't do anything for me either. 

I have noticed that since I started using the De-slick setting spray everything seems to last a little longer without the shine.. but it's to be determined as to whether I should be spraying this stuff over my eyes or not ahha.


So, I have the same problem and I've tried pretty much every primer out there - NARS, Urban Decay, Stila... nothing was working. I was lucky if eyeshadow lasted an hour on my freakishly oily lids. I finally came up with the perfect combination that works! Here's what I do:


1. Put a thin layer of Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder on each lid. 

2. Add a thin layer primer (I've been using Elizabeth Arden's Advanced Eye Fix primer)

3. Another layer of the matte powder

4. Eyeshadow


I put on shadow this morning at 6 a.m. - it's now 2 p.m. and most of it is still there. Just a bit sparse in the crease where it's oiliest, but I'm considering this a win!


Would love to know if this works for you as well. I'm so stoked that I can finally get my money's worth on all those expensive shadow palettes! 


I have to try this!! I was just thinking of trying concealer, primer, shadow, and then setting powder. But you seem to have this down to a science!


We see this question a lot on here. If you really want the best of the best - go for the NARS eye primer. There is no beating it. Too Faced Shadow Insurance and bareMinerals primer (I like the brightening pearl as a white-ish base if I want to make the colors I am using pop) are second tier to me. Urban Decay Primer Potion is not as good. Talking non-sephora brands - Lorac Behind The Scenes is OK, skip theBalm's eye primer its terrible.


My eyelids are extremely oily, product will crease and literally fade away into nothing within a couple hours if I don't use a primer. I work in a hospital setting where I am in the OR for 10+hours sometimes. The first time I used the NARS primer I was blown away. I tend to like a colored base (like the bareMinerals one) so this one being clear took a little getting used to but now I can't live without it and have gone through 2 deluxe samples since december (luckily I was able to try it out when it was featured in a holiday giftbag... everyone always raves about it but who knows when I would have made the splurge??) and I have my full-size waiting for me!


If you seriously have an issue with oily eyelids, you will not regret purchasing the NARS eye primer.


I have oily eyelids as well, and I've found that the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden works best for me. Also as mentioned before, I like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I used to use Benefit Stay Don't Stray, that worked pretty well, too. You'll just have to test a few out and see what works best for your skin. Good luck. Smiley Happy


A lot of people LOVE the Urban Decay primer potion or the NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base. Both are great for people with oily eye lids. 


I have really oily eyelids as well and I use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It does increase how long my eye make up lasts, but definitely doesn't make it last all day.

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