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Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

Trying to choose a lash or lash/brow 'serum'...


I am currently using Urban Decay because I like that it had a peptide serum for lash base, and a mask for lashes -- i like using both products at night.  No great results yet though.


I'm not really interested in Rx lash products or anything that might darken my lashline/lids or irises (that being said, happy to hear about your experiences with them).


I was also considering the PTR Lash serum, and a few others, including:


Tarte Multipleye (awesome packaging)

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals (28 individual applications)

Boots Fanomenal Lashes (I don't usually go cheap)

Talika lash serum (not their fiber lash immediate thingies)


Have you tried one that you love?  I have OK lashes, I just thought it would be nice to have longer/fuller/softer lashes for a while!

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I used Talika before and loved it!

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

Great feedback so far ladies... and some of you are convincing me to ask my derm about Latisse Smiley Wink... but I am one of those people who will have every bad reaction possible to medical stuff.  I am super sensitive and always have those 1% bad reactions lol.

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

Though Sephora no longer carries Cargo, I'm a huge fan of their lash activator!


It's available in mascara form (I used it as a base/primer under my go-to/regular mascara) and a night time, clear formula.



I noticed my lashes looking longer and felt more resilient by week 2-3 of use. They felt stronger and I didn't notice losing lashes when removing make up, which hardly happens, but with using this stuff, they stayed intact even longer.


No darkening of the eyes/lids with these!

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

Checking this out next time I'm in Ulta Smiley Happy

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I'm not sure if Ulta still has the mini duo kit, but that's where I would snag it up at.


The mascara formula is very light and the brush is plastic so you're not overloading with product, which is good so when you top it off/layer it with your regular mascara it's not cakey or dry looking.

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I didn't see the mini kit just the black primer, so I picked it up Smiley Happy

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

Oh I remember I picked one of these up at SiJCP a few years ago. I really liked the mascara, the base... not so much. 

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I use Latisse and did get some initial redness in the first couple of months but don't get that now. Initially when I first started using the product it took a full three months to see a difference in my lashes.


I put one drop in the lid and use a very fine eyeliner brush to apply it to my lash line. The product lasts a lot longer that way. The brushes that come with it are huge they hurt and are generally nasty. 


I've never had any iris darkening or my eyes changing color in any way. It does make my lashes a lot darker and longer. It has never made them thicker. 


My derm usually does a BOGO special each year and I stock up when she does that. 

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I used to use the Tarte and I know it worked because I was wearing glasses at the time and my eyelashes started to hit the lenses. No darkening (I'm blonde and fair, I would notice).


I actually was thinking of getting it again because I stopped wearing my glasses and want longer lashes but I'm too lazy to wear falsies, haha.

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

FYI, Latisse had iris darkening in rare cases when it was used directly in the eye as eyedrops for glaucoma.  To the best of my knowledge, that's never happened with anyone using it on their skin.  


However, it can darken the skin around the eye while you are using it.   


It does work really well.  If you ever do wind up using it, I'll share a tip..  use your own fine eyeliner brush and not the ones that come with it.  The better brush will enable you to use just one drop for both eyes… and excess can even go on brows.  It's then half the price.. and once you see growth, you don't need to use it every day and that will help with the darkening too, if you even have it.  

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

Carli Bybel just did a video where she applies coconut oil mixed with castor oil on her lashes and eyebrows at night because she doesn't want her iris color messed with. Don't know how well it would work, but it definitely would hurt and wouldn't break the bank to try.

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I alternate bewtween the PTR & Givenchy. 

The Givenchy is also great as a mascara primer! 


How long have you been using the UD? Sometimes it can take 6-8 weeks to see results, since that's the growth cycle for lashes. And you have to use it consistently, every night to see results Smiley Wink 


Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I thought the applicator was cute and was also eyeing that Givenchy! Smiley Happy Thanks for the feedback.


I've only been using UD a few weeks, almost every night (except like once when I forgot) -- so yes, no prob to wait longer and see Smiley Happy.  In the meantime, thinking about which bottle to try next if this one isn't great.

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

Latisse says it upfront, but I'm certain that all the serium/medical varieties, cheap or not, I've tried has it in the small print that it could darken lashline/lids/irises.  That being said, I've only ever had Latisse work on me.


Of the ones you listed, I've only used Tarte's.  Didn't work for me, not even a little.  And for whatever reason, Tarte's mascaras irritate my eyes.


PTR has the same issues that you mentioned (iris darkening, etc.), and frankly, being more expensive than Latisse, I've never tried it, though I love PTR stuff.


Honestly, if I were to go with anything medicinal, I'd go with Latisse.  With the mascara route, I've found that all mascaras work when paired with a good primer - I favour Blinc's but haven't found a bad high end lash primer yet.

Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

You're mistaken about PTR. According to their site & Sephora...

"This product is ophthalmologist tested and irritation-free, and will not discolor eyes or eyelids. Lashes To Die For™ Turbo is not intended to treat, prevent, cure, relieve, resolve, stop, or reduce hair loss or to promote the growth of hair."


Re: Non-Rx (non-darkening) Lash Growth Products - Help Choosing

I agree - the products I looked at all said they DO NOT discolor, and reading the ingredients, I don't see that they would.

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