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Non-Panda Mascara

So, I am trying to find a mascara that doesn't panda-iza me within minutes. I'm not sure if I just have extremely chubby cheeks or droopy eyelashes, but I've tried tons of mascaras over the years (drugstore and high-end), and I constantly get smudges under my eyes within minutes!


I went into my local Sephora the other day, and the girls were so helpful and helped me pick out waterproof mascara that really did work much better (but not perfectly). However, I felt like I lost half of my eyelashes taking it off (and spent about 5 times longer than it took to put it on). I'm busy, so that won't work. Smiley Sad


The one that I've found that is the least offensive is Clinique High Impact, but I thought I should ask in case any of you have had the same problem and found a mascara that is better? But I would prefer non-waterproof. Smiley Happy


I love pandas but I will leave the adorable black under eye circles to them. Smiley Wink


Re: Non-Panda Mascara

I would have to agree with Cat I got the mini version of "they're real" in a kit you can also get it as individual you don't have to go with the full size it's around $10 for the mini and the trick my kit told me to do with the mascara is wiggle the wand brom base to tip of the lashes gently and not drastically and it sepeartes your lashes and makes them thin and non goupy though really defined. I would have to say it is my favorite mascara. I actually had problems with the clinique high impact mascara at least in the taking it off my eyes. but I do not have any problems with the Benefit Cosmetics Brand "they're real" best mascara I've used yet.

Re: Non-Panda Mascara

Thanks! I'm looking forward to trying this one, with so many good reviews from you all! Smiley Happy

Re: Non-Panda Mascara

I use dior diorshow waterproof mascara. Although your looking for nonwaterproof whenever I wash this off with the purity cleanser it comes right off without having to tug at my eyelashes. The big thing with this mascara is that it stays put and won't give you the panda look lol. 

Re: Non-Panda Mascara

Thanks Daniela! I think a waterproof that washes off easily would be a possibility... Smiley Happy

Re: Non-Panda Mascara

Hey Smiley Happy I really liked Benefit's "They're Real!" mascara. It's not waterproof, but I found that it didn't smudge. The only thing is that you're lashes need a minute or 2 to dry. It also came off pretty easy with makeup remover.

Re: Non-Panda Mascara

Thanks Cat! I will have try that one! A little drying time won't bother me as long as it stays put the rest of the day. Smiley Happy

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