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Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

Since I've been working on a fifties type of look, I decided to practice with a drugstore liquid liner.  At the moment, I'm practicing with the Cover Girl Bombshell liquid liner which has a felt tip.  The color stayed in place, but I'm still having difficulty using liquid liner in general.  Sometimes I get "bumps" in the line if that makes any sense.  I usually go for a thin line as well since, I think, my eyes are deep set.  


Another problem I've been having is the liquid seems to get on my lashes a bit which ends up affecting the mascara process.  With the liner on some of my lashes, they feel kind of stiff before I move on to applying my mascara.  


Does anyone have any advice on how to practice to improve the application or should I try a different type of liner?  


This is a picture of my first time working with a simple fifties pin up type of makeup style. Before I bought the Cover Girl liner, I was using the Elf liners (liquid on top, pencil on the bottom) which came with the Cruella De Vil makeup book.  The Elf liner brush was a pain at times, so I bought a felt tip one to practice with.  


Re: Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

Thank you, and I know what you mean about the pencil liners.  Those are the ones's I've used since high school.  


Re: Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

I really like this look on you!  Very pretty.  I only use liquid liner.  Everyday no matter what.  I love winged liner but I even use the liquid just to line my upper lid with no wing.  It just looks so much cleaner to me than pencil or gel.  Just my preference. 


My favorite liquid is the Sephora 12HR Wear Liquid Liner.  It comes in quite a few colors too.  It's been the easiest liner for me to get used to using and now it's HG.  It's a felt tip liner and the tip isn't too soft so it doesn't move when applying.  When I first starting wingingmy liner with liquid I would always draw the line first then add the wings after watching some youtube videos I stopped doing it in that order.  I switched to drawing the wings first and then lining the lid.  It makes it easier to match up the wings because that's all thats there to concentrate on.  It's also easier to wipe away a single wing compared to having to wipe all your liner off and start over.  Also put your elbows on the table or vanity when drawing the lines and wings.  Sometimes keeping your arm stable really makes all the difference.  I like using a magnified mirror as well, not too magnified of course.  After you apply the liner be sure to give it a few seconds to dry then go in with a metal lash comb (carefully!!!) and comb the little liner clumps out of your lashes.  The more you practice the less that will happen.                                  


I like the Sephora liquid better than any others that I have tried.  NYX was not black enough and too flakey.  Kat Von D's liquid was beyond dry and applied way to clumpy.  Stila's liner pen dries out too fast and again it's not a very dark black.  MAC's Boot Black liquid was my old stand by but once I tried the Sephora brand there is no going back.  My two favorites are the Black Purple and Black.  They also have a really pretty navy blue and a gunmetal color.  Plus they are only like $12 and last a pretty long time easily at least a few months.  I would post a picture of me with the Sephora on my lids but, of course I am not able to load pictures right now on BT for some reason.


Stick with the liquid you'll get it! 

Re: Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

Personally, felt tip pens are my LEAST favorite. I know a lot of people say they're easier for beginners but I find them clumsy and messy. I prefer a brush and a gel or cream liner. Since you're just practicing still you should try Wet 'n' Wild's Mega Eyes Cream liner since it's sold at a cheaper price point (less than $10 for sure) and works very well. The only down side to cream/gel liners is that they kind of dry out fast, but honestly liquid ones do too.


IF I'm using a liquid liner, I prefer a very fine brush tip like the one the Sephora Brand liner has.


Since you're a beginner also, you might want to use a sharpened pencil or eye shadow to draw your shape first and then fill in with the liquid or cream.


The method I use is by drawing a line along my lashline, then creating the wing, and then filling it all in more but I suggest just trying all the methods until you find what's easiest for you. And practice!

Re: Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

I think your eyes look fab!....A good liner is by Chanel...It comes in a cake with little add water to it and use the brush to apply....It works very well and stays on all day...lots of colors...Another good one is the pen by Armani, or the pen in black by Lancome...both draw an easy line and stay on for a long time....If you can't get a straight line you might want to try the gel liner by Bobbi Brown....It comes in a pot and you apply it with a very thin brush...stays on all day and comes in many many colors, including metallic....I wear it as my day liner every day...very reliable, not irritating, and never comes off...sometimes I layer a colored pencil over it (Laura Mercier makes a good one that doesn't come off all day...)

Re: Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

Hey Kimmi! My favorite liner is the L'Oreal infallible liquid liner and it is amazing!!! Really all I can say is practice makes perfectSmiley Happy)) 

Re: Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

I loved Lorac Pro Liner but of course, Sephora doesn't sell that anymore.


By the way, Kimmi, everytime I see your pictures, I wear you could be a model or something.

Re: Newbie to Liquid Eye Liner

I use physicians formula 2-in-1 eye booster eyeliner its soooo amazing! the best eyeliner ive used out of 98273891748612 that ive used LOL.. 

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