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New to using eyeshadow

Hey everyone! 

I'm really interested in starting to use eyeshadows, but I see so many different products and palletes and I honestly don't know where to start. I have brown eyes, brown/red hair, and pale skin so I really don't know what would compliment things like my eye, hair, and skin color.

I also love wearing matte makeup, so does that mean I should also use matte eyeshadows?


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Re: New to using eyeshadow

I went to Sephora just now, actually. But I didn't try on the blues. I tried on Smashbox's Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio I previously posted and I loved it. I forgot to try on the Bare Minerals eyeshadows, but I definetly think I'm gonna add Smashbox's eyeshadow trio to my makeup collection. 

And I'm so going to use Youtube!

Re: New to using eyeshadow

I am so happy that you like the Smashbox photo Op trio!  Yeah, you tube is great for tutorials. 

Re: New to using eyeshadow

Going to Sephora to try things out is a great plan.  Even better, go during the middle of the day (say 2pm) if you ever get the chance.  The stores are often quite quiet, and you'll find people around to help you.  Just tell them that you don't know where to start and see if they have time not only to suggest colors to but show you best how to use them. They might surprise you with things you didn't even think to try.



Re: New to using eyeshadow

I haven't at all. Sephora actually recommended Smashbox's Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in these colors.

But I have no idea how to actually use them. I'd love to experiement but I feel like I'd do it wrong and end up looking like a clown. 

Re: New to using eyeshadow

go to youtube and search for makeup tutorials!  there are so many beauty gurus on youtube, you're bound to find a few that you love.

Re: New to using eyeshadow

I second drrragon, a large palette is the best way to go. Not only will it be cheaper, but you have a very large selection of colors to play around with. The Sephora Collection shadows are pretty decent qualtiy-wise so they will be easy to work with (for the most part). Then you don't end up spending $20 on a teal eye shadow you almost never wear Smiley Happy 


You also can't go wrong with the Naked palettes, they are good to have in your arsenal for neutral looks, although it doesn't have colorful shadows to play with.

Re: New to using eyeshadow

The suggestions you've gotten so far have been stellar!


The use of an eye shadow primer will be key no matter what type or brand of shadow you choose to prolong the wear, help colors come out more true to shade, and prevent fading/creasing.


Try looking into the eye palettes from Too Faced, they have a range of matte to satin to shimmer finishes in their shadows and come with tutorial cards for three eye looks. You can use them as guides to play with different shades and each kit comes with 9 shades, broken in 3 categories so it makes pairing colors a breeze. Once you get more used to technique you can swap colors around and venture to other brands as well.


They do have a matte palette, but you might look into their Naked Eye and Romantic Eye, both which suit fair skin very well and give a clean, enhanced look to eyes. The Romantic Eye kit also has some soft purples and olives if you want to add a pop of color without being too dramatic or bold.


Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette is also an option if you want to stick with neutrals and all matte shades!

Re: New to using eyeshadow

I didnt truly start liking shadow until I tried urban decay, so I recommend getting one of their palettes, especially one with lots of different colors in it (think book of shadows or something like it). I really love the soft formula and pigmentation. I tried it 6-7 years ago, and to this day (and after trying many other shadows) its still my number 1 shadow from Sephora.


Re: New to using eyeshadow

Everyone is suggesting I get a larger pallete, so I save money but the thing is, I'm not actually sure I'd use a lot of the colors if I did. :/ 


Re: New to using eyeshadow

Giant color palettes are a good investment, but if you're a bit intimidated or unsure of actual use, stick with what you're comfortable with.


You can always get a great, basics palette and pick up drug store palettes for a pop of color and to incorporate into different looks while you learn and master technique, then once you're more seasoned you can upgrade to higher quality color palettes! Smiley Very Happy

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