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New to using eyeshadow

Hey everyone! 

I'm really interested in starting to use eyeshadows, but I see so many different products and palletes and I honestly don't know where to start. I have brown eyes, brown/red hair, and pale skin so I really don't know what would compliment things like my eye, hair, and skin color.

I also love wearing matte makeup, so does that mean I should also use matte eyeshadows?


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Re: New to using eyeshadow

@roxystar4 -- oh no!  i've been trying to resist that smashbox palette but after reading your comment I really want to buy it now! the blues look so pretty... LOL!

Re: New to using eyeshadow

Smiley Happy sorry! It does look awesome though.


The blue/gray color in the Flashback duo  BeReady 2.0 from Bare Minerals really lights up and looks good. I have a few other blues (skylar from Zuzu Luxe and Steel Blue from Eco Glo) but they aren't quite the right color for me. They are a bit too light (more of a sky blue).  I have dark brown eyes though, it may work for someone with light brown/honey/hazel eyes??

Re: New to using eyeshadow

This one? Smiley Happy s1363571-main-hero.jpg

Re: New to using eyeshadow

oooh that is really pretty!

Re: New to using eyeshadow

that is the blue that really makes my eyes stand out. With a decent primer it should last all day. I dont really use the darker one thou (just a little for crease).  SJarrar, can you go to  sephora and try it out?


I agree with drrragon. Youtube ROCKS for makeup tutorials. I found this girl Emily Noel and she is great about product reviews.


also, if your search on youtube "diamondsandheels14" I like her videos too (she has severe acne yet looks flawless!)

Re: New to using eyeshadow

I went to Sephora just now, actually. But I didn't try on the blues. I tried on Smashbox's Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio I previously posted and I loved it. I forgot to try on the Bare Minerals eyeshadows, but I definetly think I'm gonna add Smashbox's eyeshadow trio to my makeup collection. 

And I'm so going to use Youtube!

Re: New to using eyeshadow

I am so happy that you like the Smashbox photo Op trio!  Yeah, you tube is great for tutorials. 

Re: New to using eyeshadow

Going to Sephora to try things out is a great plan.  Even better, go during the middle of the day (say 2pm) if you ever get the chance.  The stores are often quite quiet, and you'll find people around to help you.  Just tell them that you don't know where to start and see if they have time not only to suggest colors to but show you best how to use them. They might surprise you with things you didn't even think to try.



Re: New to using eyeshadow

I'd've sure to get a primer to help keep the shadows on, like  a fav on here is the Urban Decay primer potion.  It helps brings out the pigmentation and keep shadows from disappearing.  Apparently we have oily eyelids, which was not something I knew prior to coming onto the BT space here.  I have the jacked palettes, I like shimmer, not a whole lot of matte involved in those.  I'd practice with a few and see if u like some shimmer or matte...but have fun!

Re: New to using eyeshadow

You should get the naked pallete! It's really good for beginners and I use it all the time Smiley Happy

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