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New to eye makeup

Hi, I am new to this advice site. I'm 18, but have literally never worn eye makeup. I'm going to college in a few months I think I may want to start wearing some eye makeup to make me look older because I look pretty young in my face. I find makeup extremely overwhelming, as there are so many choices. If some people could give me some advice as wear to start in terms of eye makeup (I'm going for a natural look) that would be awesome. I am extremely pale (Susan Posnick's lightest color in mineral foundation is the only thing I have found that does not make me look orange and I highly recommend it!!) I have very dark long hair and olive green/brownish eyes, a small frame and round face. Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: New to eye makeup

Hi skysthelimit99! Welcome to Beauty Talk Smiley Happy Congrats on going to college soon!


For just starting out with eye makeup, I would take a look at Urban Decay's Naked Palettes!

Naked Basics (the smallest at the top) comes with all-matte shades, meaning they have no shimmer. You can create some really pretty natural looking eyes with this palette! The second two palettes, Naked and Naked2, come with a mix of shadows with shimmer, glitter, and matte to choose from. Naked has more warm tones and Naked2 is more cool tones!


For mascara, I find it hard to recommend specific ones, as I know very well what one person loves another may hate! A good place to experiment would be Sephora's Lash Stash. This comes with 5 deluxe mascara samples (which alone will last you quite a while!) and a certificate to redeem one of the full-sized mascaras in the kit for free! 

If you're looking for help on how to create looks for eyes, I would definitely recommend looking for youtube tutorials. This was how I learned in college! You could also ask some of the cast members inside Sephora for some guidance!

Re: New to eye makeup

I agree 100% with the palettes crayzeeRN suggests. I love using the naked original and sweeping sin across my lid, putting naked through the crease, buck in the outer corner, and virgin on my brow bone and inner corner. Very basic. Very pretty. If you buy these palettes there are SO many tutorials on youtube on how to use these palettes and different looks you can create. Also I would look at the tarte 24 hr waterproof cream liners. They are AMAZING. They seriously will last forever. They will not come off until you want them to come off. The brush it comes with is fantastic. Just make a thin line above your lashes and it will make it look like your lashes are fuller. You can choose which color you like. I have every one but the green and I use them all equally. Even the bright blue.. splash.. that came out in the aqualillies collection. Then just top off with a good mascara.

Re: New to eye makeup

oh and I forgot to mention, you possibly will need a primer. If your eyelids are oily your eye makeup will crease so invest in a primer. My favorite is the NARS smudgeproof.

Re: New to eye makeup

If you're totally new to eye makeup, I think it'd be good to start off with a brown pencil eye liner, mascara, and some eyeshadow (such as people have recommended below).


Brown pencil eye liner:  Brown is more natural-looking and less harsh than black, and pencil liners are the easiest to use if you're a beginner.  Also a soft brown color will be a lot more forgiving if you smudge a little.


Mascara:  This really helps to finish off a look.  When I first started with makeup I was running around with eyeshadow and liner and no mascara.  I had no idea how weird that really looked!  


Eyeshadow:  Great suggestions below.  Youtube tutorials will be your best friend here, in showing you how to apply, as well as which colors are appropriate for which part of the eye.  Generally for a natural look you'd want a lighter color all over the eyelid, a bit of darker color in the crease, and something lighter right underneath your eyebrow.


Don't forget brushes!  A good set of brushes makes a huge difference and will get you much better results than applying eyeshadow with fingers or sponge-tips.

Re: New to eye makeup

I love all of the other suggestions, but I'm going to throw something else in a totally different direction out. Since you're going to college, simplicity will be key.  Why not try out an eyeshadow stick?


Some neutrals that would look great on you:


Laura Mercier Caviar Stick- Rosegold



Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Stick- Sin


Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Stick- Lit



Clinique Chubby Stick Intense for Eyes- Ample Amber


Clinique Chubby Stick Intense for Eyes- Lavish Lilac


Clinique Chubby Stick Intense for Eyes- Whopping Willow



Re: New to eye makeup

Thanks SO much everyone for giving me places to start! ^ Smiley Happy


Re: New to eye makeup

I'm 19 and felt the same way as you starting college last year! I feel as though eye makeup has definitely helped me look older, but I'm still learning and everyone has given some great tips and recommendations. Thanks!

Re: New to eye makeup

Hi, skysthelimit99!  One other eyeshadow palette I suggest is Kat von D's Saints.  The colors are neutrals with a mix of matte and shimmery colors.

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