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Neon/Bright/Colourful Eyeliner!

I'm really digging the neon/bright/colourful eyeliner trend! The problem is, I can't find the colours I want. I really dig the pink-leaning corals and light neon orange, but the only eyeliner I could find was the OCC Grandma one. I also dig the turquoise, but only Stila seems to have a liquid one, and it seems kinda sheer. 


Where would I get such magnificent colours? And what are your faves? 





Re: Neon/Bright/Colourful Eyeliner!

I kind of want to try the set by Sephora but then again maybe I should just get Ocho Loco or wait for a new one to come out. I know I like the quality of UD, but I have no idea about the Sephora liners.

Re: Neon/Bright/Colourful Eyeliner!

I own a few sephora liners, and they're actually really nice! They're not as creamy as UD, but they're great for water lines, smudging, or even just a solid opaque line. I actually find them easier to work with than UD. They have good staying power, too. I just prefer the colour variants of UD most of the time... but there are some great options from Sephora.

Re: Neon/Bright/Colourful Eyeliner!

Lime Crime Eyeliners!

Re: Neon/Bright/Colourful Eyeliner!

Stila has some great ones out now! (:


Re: Neon/Bright/Colourful Eyeliner!

Did you ever find a pretty coral shade, kbmatthews? I was just looking at the Stila and Smashbox options because I really want a mint green and a bright yellow. BUT I also really want a bright coral/pinky kinda color. I haven't checked out OCC and Kat Von D yet. 

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