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Need help maintaining and protecting lashes

I just got eyelash extensions and after one week they were clumpy and ragged. I got a fill but I want to make these last longer.


I'm worried though because I was using glycol on the old lashes. I was told not to use oil but it seems like every oil-free formula has SOME glycol in it, which is also a no-no (such as Bioderma, etc.)


I also noticed most loss occurred when I was brushing and using the cleanser the salon gave me - should I be using another cleanser?


Finally how do you all protect your natural lashes? I'm considering Grandelash. Also has anyone here used a sealant? Do they actually work?



Any help would be great as I love these lashes for the first few days but can't deal with weekly refills!

Re: Need help maintaining and protecting lashes


I’ve never heard of anyone getting weekly refills before, rule of thumb with lash extensions is every 3-4 weeks for a fill as you are following the growth cycle. Generally speaking, if you are seeing “clumps” it is because the technician who applied your lashes didn’t apply them to each individual lash, they applied the extension to a group of 2-3 lashes which is a red flag. There isn’t anything you could have done to make them clump together. 

Personally I would find a new place to get my lashes done. 

Re: Need help maintaining and protecting lashes

Thanks! I'm a little worried about this place because I don't think the girl is licensed and she operates outside her house. She has good reviews though but we live in a small town and people are easily pleased. The clumps only come about around day 4-5 though--that seems a bit odd to me!

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