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Need a new eyeshadow primer!

Hey ladies! I have very discolored as well as oily eyelids, and I am in need of an eyeshadow primer that both neutralizes the area and prevents the creasing caused by the oil! I currently use either my Mac soft ochre paint pot or my pro longwear concealer to mask the discoloration, but my eyeshadow still creases usually, even though the products are supposed to be crease-proof. I also have started setting the primer with translucent powder recently, but it still creases. I've heard amazing things about the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base for oily eyelids, but the only thing is that it is a clear formula. If any of you have tried this primer, can it be used on top of concealer on the eyelids? If you guys also have oily and discolored lids, recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks!



Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

Urban decay ones are perfect-Eden would cover your discoloration well.  I know Benefit also makes a masking one-Lemon aid.  I haven't tried it, but the opacity is really good from swatching it.

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

I used Nars pro-prime first and then use MAC eyeshadow in blanc type all over my lid for discoloration. You might also find it helpful to set the concealer before applying eyeshadows.

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

How about Laura Mercier's Eye Basics?? I've used both Flax and Linen on and off for years and sometimes Wheat all by itself for a very neutral look.  It has very opaque matte finish and gives off a true canvas for any powder shadow that I've tried on top without any color alterations.  One tube has a decent amount of product.  The original SA actually sold it to me like "foundation" for your eyelids.  s1098854-main-hero-300.jpg

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

Wheat has been my go to first step for eyes for years now.  I buy it over and over again.

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

I having been using NARS smudge-proof eyeshadow base for over a year and really like it. I have oily eyelids and notice that shadows don't "stick" or stay long without a primer. It makes shadows long-lasting and "stick". It's definitely a re-purchase for me. Sometimes I apply MAC paint pot in Groundwork (I'm NC 45) on top. 

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

I have been priming my eyelids for about a month now with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion.  I think I just started doing it because I heard a lot of people on you tube say it was necessary.  Today I was really contemplating if it is making that much of a difference so I primed one eye only this morning.  I am literally staring in the mirror trying to convince myself that the primed side looks better but I really don't think I can tell the difference.  I'm going to check it out again in a few hours and see if maybe the primed side lasts longer or something but at this point I'm thinking i might not need to prime.  Is primer just for people with oily eyelids?  I don't think I've ever had a problem getting my eyeshadow to stay in place so I'm not sure why I'm even using it loll ok sorry just noticed I have gone on a rant about eyeshadow primer and basically written a book lol oh

let me stop! Moral of the story I guess it's not for everybody?

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

I've pretty much heard that eyeshadow primer is a must no matter what, but it's probably more necessary for those with oily eyelids like myself, since without primer my eyeshadow is undoubtedly a hot mess. Thanks for the information though! I've heard both good and bad things about the UD Primer Potion, so it probably just depends on the skin type.

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  I did a little research and found this.  Allure top rated eyeshadow primers 🙂 image.jpg

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

That's super helpful actually! Thanks so much!

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

Correction: Ladies and gents!

Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

Hi Paola! I would recommend trying the Urban Decay primers! They have 3 tinted primers that would work great for neutralizing your lid and prolonging the wear of your eyeshadow. I am listing them for you to check out below! Personally, I think you will be happiest with the primer Eden.






Re: Need a new eyeshadow primer!

I didn't even know Urban Decay had a tinted primer! Thanks Kevin! Definitely will check Eden out!

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