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Natural eyeshadow Look with the Palettes I have (Help)

I have Smashbox Trio in Filter, and Bobbi Brown in champagne color. I don't wear eyeshadow a lot , so i picked these two.

Could anyones help me to achieve a  every look and natural with 2 sst I have. Also the step to apply it too.

Thank you

Re: Natural eyeshadow Look with the Palettes I have (Help)

Hi, Natalian!


For the shadows you currently have mentioned you can create several natural and more neutral eye looks!


Start with having lids primed with an eye shadow primer of choice to ensure color pay off is even and to its full potential, this will also prevent fading and creasing of your shadow.



Bobbi Brown - Shimmer Wash Eye ShadowSmashbox - Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio


For a very sheer wash of color on lids and utilizing just one shade, try a loose, fluffy brush like the Sephora Pro Blending Brush #27:

Pro Blending Brush #27


The longer bristles allow the brush to splay more and not pack on color as dense to lids. You can use the BB Champagne or the lightest shade in the Smashbox trio for a quick, one shade application.


To utilize more than one shade, start with a basic shadow brush (Sephora Pro Shadow #14) to apply a light shade to your lids. Try to pat and dab to pack on more color and keep the sweeping side to side motion to soften color and blend it down.

Pro Shadow Brush #14


You can use either the BB Champagne or lightest Smashbox Trio shade on lids, next on the outer third or outer corner of the eye, apply the medium shade from the Trio. If you want to have the color more intense try a more compact brush like a domed/crease brush with a tapered end to allow for easier application along the crease if you choose to blend color into this area. An angled brush also allows for an easier sweep of shadow to keep in the direction needed to blend into the lighter shade. Examples shown are the Sephora Pro Domed Crease #16, Buxom Smokey Eye Brush, and Sephora Pro Angled Shadow #13). The angled brush will apply shadow in a softer manner than the domed/crease brushes.

Pro Domed Crease Brush #16Buxom Smoky Eye Brush

Pro Angled Shadow Brush #13


You can then go back to using the more basic shadow brush to sweep some of the lighter color along the brow bone for highlight and soften where the medium color meets the skin. If you want to incorporate the darkest color of the Trio, the Buxom brush above or a smaller detail/smudge brush can be used to apply the color closer along the lash line for a smokier look and can even be layered over the medium shade used on the outer corners. Bobbi Brown's Smudge Brush is shown below.


Eye Smudge Brush


This brush can also be used to smudge liner for a softer look or even layer a touch of shadow over liner to blend it out.


Here are some quick visual guides you can use as reference for shadow placement for basic looks:


To tone down shadow, take the fluffy blending brush and lightly dust a translucent powder or matte neutral shadow over your lid. You can also use a clean brush to go over shadow as well to lighten the look up so it's not as heavy.


Re: Natural eyeshadow Look with the Palettes I have (Help)

You always give GREAT advice! Super thorough and lots of info!

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