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Nars eye shadows?


   Hey everyone Smiley Happy 

I was just wanting to grab some opinions on the Nars eye shadows

I've never had a chance to use an eyeshadow from NARS before but I'm very interested. 


  • I've tried the UD naked in the past but didn't like it. thought the matte shadows were "too pigmented" and overwhelming while the shimmers are metallic and not soft. 
  • I've also tried the Stila eyeshadows and thought their shimmers were too big.. great for special occasions, but for everyday wear, its way to sparkly.
  • I have Lorac pro right now, but its just okay. the shimmers aren't metallic but is still too pigmented and overwhelming for my Asian eyes. The matte shades tend to either be highlights or crease/point shadows.. nothing for a soft base. Love the texture of it though.. so easy to work with  
  • I just have a little mini eyeshadow quad from Laura Mercier that I got from the 500pt, and find that the shimmers and pigmentations are great. not too overwhelming, and isn't nothing either. but they only have palettes during holidays, and they tend to have too much purple in them 
  • lastly, I've used the MAC before, and idk they're just okay. after a while, they start to become really ugly on the pan as if I've mixed them with oil and let them dry. its hard to choose the right colors too... but they have just the right amount of pigmentations in my opinion, though not as soft and buttery to touch like the Lorac pro. 

Could someone give me an honest opinion about the NARS eye shadows?

they're not any cheaper than any other shadows, but I find in these days, the price are misleading.. its not "you get what you paid for" anymore. 

Am I better off buying something from Dior, YSL or Armani? 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

pigments are great. they used to not have parabens or additives in them, until the bourdin line launched (maybe earlier). i stopped using their make up and use Pur Minerals, you can buy at ULTA. Hope that sephora carries them soon. 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I am an UD convert, now I pretty much only wear Nars. I have quite a few singles and duos as well as two palettes, and have been really happy with all of them so far. But I also did a bit of research when picking out most of these shades, to make sure I didn't get any of the chalky ones. This is what I have:



  • Namibia (the driest of the ones I have)
  • Kamchatka
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Nepal
  • Lhasa
  • Euphrate
  • Bad Behavior


  • All about Eve
  • Charade
  • Earth angel
  • Key Largo
  • Nouveau Monde
  • Portobello
  • Silk Road (a little glittery for my taste)
  • Taiga
  • Vent Glace


  • Fairy's kiss
  • Crime of passion

Another thing to keep in mind is that the value of the shadows in the Narsissist palette is somewhere between $100-150, a range b/c the duos are a better deal/oz than the singles and I didn't really feel like calculating it specifically for the colors included. I'd def. be getting it if I didn't alreayd have 7 of the colors that are there.

Re: Nars eye shadows?

Big fan of NARS, but sometimes...  They have great shades, and generally, go on smoothly.  The duos are my favorite, always have great, usable combos, even if you don't think so at first.  My only problem is they can be way too glittery, with big chunks of glitter that end up all over your face.  Had to ditch the Kuala Lumpur duo for exactly this reason.  I find some of the blushes have the same problem.

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I deffinitly recommend NARS eyeshadow! The Cinematic eyeshadows are great, some nice colors are Mississippi Mermaid and Cambodia.  

Re: Nars eye shadows?

And then there's this...


upload_833484177733860793.jpgI posted this pic in another thread and a lovely mod said Sephora will be getting it at some point.


Dear god, I want this palette even more every time I look at it.

But I already have so many I don't have room for them!!

But it's soooooo preeeeeetty...

But many of my other lovely palettes are being neglected!


It's $79.

... Oh. Er... **bleep**. ::waffles::


Re: Nars eye shadows?

79$? Those shadows look TINY, like less than half the size of each color in UD Naked. 

I'm not a Nars fan because I feel like the price is way overinflated for what you get. I can get a Christian Dior palette for less than 80$, and I consider that brand much better than Nars. Nars is like the conceited popular chick in highschool with no actual talents. 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinions about each brand, so I'm not in any way telling you that you should or shouldn't buy Nars or Dior or any other brand for that matter! But as someone that is considering buying this Nars palette myself, I was interested by this conversation and decided to do some calculations. 


First of all, you are right that the Nars shadows in this palette are quite a bit smaller than the Naked palettes (0.03 vs. 0.05), but they are more than half of the size. If you take the best valued Dior palettes (the normal 5-Colour Eyeshadow palettes), each shadow contains 0.042 oz, so in-between the two. But if you are looking at the Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palettes, each shadow is 0.03 oz, so exactly the same as the Nars.


Now as far as value goes, the Nars palette is $79 and both of the Dior palettes I mentioned are $60 each. Obviously it goes without saying that you get 15 colors in the Nars vs 5 in the Dior. The Nars palette contains 0.45 oz of product total, the normal Dior contains 0.21, and the Dior Artistry contains 0.15. And now, for the breakdown of what the value of the shadow in each palette per ounce:

Nars: 0.45 oz for $79 = $175.56/oz

Normal Dior: 0.21 oz for $60 = 285.71/oz

Dior Artistry: 0.15 oz for $60 = $400/oz


So in all technical aspects -- number of colors, total weight, and value per ounce -- the Narsissist palette is a much better value (but it is true that the Naked palettes are a better value than it). But like I said, whichever you prefer and want to spend your money on is totally up to you Smiley Happy Just wanted to calculate the facts so everyone could make an informed decision!


Re: Nars eye shadows?

I calculated this out from the price of the duos and singles/oz and it works out to be around $100-150 worth of shadows, since the duos are a bit cheaper/oz than the singles.

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I couldn't agree with you more..

I saw those shadows on another thread and was thinking of replacing my Lorac pro and MAC with it,. until I saw the price. 

I don't mind paying for how ever much money if I feel like its what is worth, but I personally think NARS is over priced. 

The foundation without a pump is pricier than most other "same level quality" foundations at Sephora like the MAkeup forever or Bobbi brown ones.. 

I like their products - I think they're great, but just not for the price...

Re: Nars eye shadows?

Nars shadows have been hit or miss for me. This goes for the singles as well as the duos. I have gotten some that have been just perfect/wonderful (ondine, abyssinia,rated r). Others have been a dry, chalky, worse than drugstore MESS (sugar land, night star). I agree with Katie when she said the formulation seems to vary from shade to shade. My last few experiences kind of made me give up NARS as far as eye shadows go. Still my top pick for blush & one of my #1's for lipsticks!

Re: Nars eye shadows?


   Thank you for your honest opinion! 

Really appreciate it.. 

I didn't see it in that perspective when I felt that way about MAC eye shadows Smiley Sad 

I'm going to take the suggestions from here to pick the shadows..because it feels so different swatching them on the hands vs. actually wearing them 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I own several NARS singles and duos. But my overall favorite NARS eye product I own is the And G-d Created the Woman palette. For me, it is the perfect neutral palette (and the only one I own). I agree with your thoughts on the Naked palettes and Stila shadows. I really think the colors in it will fit into the color range that you prefer.The texture of the shimmer shades is so much more sophisticated than the UD and Stila shadows.




Re: Nars eye shadows?

I keep on meaning to get this set, but then I back out at the last minute. I don't know what my hesitation is, really. I really wish I'd picked it up during the 20% off sale. 


That middle color (third from the left in your swatches) is sooo pretty!!

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I also had this palette but it didn't work out for me Smiley Sad The 2 lighter colors barely showed up for my skintone, and I'm not even dark. Everyone I see loves it, I'm wondering if I got a bad palette :/

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I love NARS, but like other brands, some shades are formulated better than others (for instance, in some shades, the shimmer is subtle and beautifully done, and others have glitter chunks, but it really depends on the shade -- many brands are like this). I own a lot of singles and duos and it's pretty rare that I'm not 100% happy with them. (I can only think of one shade that was dry and difficult to blend, but it was a long time ago.) Do you have any color preferences?


In the interest of full disclosure, my favorite eyeshadow is Burberry. The singles are $29, but content-wise, they have more product than the standard high-end single, and their buttery, blend able texture is the best. 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I agree! I have also found that the duos and singles have a better formulation than the palettes so far, but the palettes aren't terrible, just a bit drier. I'm happy with all my purchases. 


And God Created the Woman set is great, a grown up version of the Naked palette imo. Kalahari is another duo I love that might fit what you're looking for. 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I LOVE Kalahari -- beautiful colors and the texture is great! 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

Thank you for an honest opinion ! Smiley Happy 

I prefer soft gold, peach, soft brown (like the one UD basic has but not as pigmented.. I find that theirs make my eyes look swollen), and warm pink...

what would be your favorite colors (and quality) from Nars shadows that you think is a must have? 


I haven't thought about Burberry, but that's awesome 

I love their packaging so much that I almost bought their foundation even though it looked so bad on me Smiley Sad 

lol I'll check them out too! you could never have enough eye shadows.. especially the soft versatile colors Smiley Happy <3 

Re: Nars eye shadows?

I would definitely check out the Kalahari duo, as Nikki mentioned -- it's a gold and a soft brown shade, and the texture is lovely! All About Eve is great for base shades (soft, peachy nudes); as for singles, Fez is a beautiful golden brown, and Blondie is light brown. If you like cream shadow, Corfu is a very pretty (it's a nice base shade). Other shades I love from NARS in addition to those above (which may not be what you're looking for) are Charade (mauve / plum), Brousse (dark brown / plum), Rajasthan (gold / blue-grey-green-black (an odd shade!)).


Re: Burberry, try to check out Golden Trench and Porcelain (which is actually a peachy champagne shade -- it's a great base). Pale Barley was the most beautiful gold shade, but it's either being reformulated or discontinued, because it's been nowhere to be found for a while (it was one of their best sellers, though, so I'd be surprised if they discontinued it). For browns, I love Midnight Brown, which, despite its name, is lighter.)

Re: Nars eye shadows?

Wow this is sooo helpful!! Thank you so much <3 !! 

I didn't know which to buy because I've been reading that its a hit or miss and I don't want to have to return something Smiley Sad 

I will definitely go check both Burberry and NARS out tmr with your recommendations noted on my phone 

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