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Naked 3 verdict?

Okay, I totally wasn't going to buy this palette because I don't particularly like rose shades. But I bought it. My verdict? It's fine. I really like the darker colors, but the lighter ones go on a bit chalky for me. The color dust looks really awful on my skin. I'm thinking that for dark skin, this may not be the best palette. I'm not going to return it because I think I can make it work by combining colors with some of my other palettes. I'm curious how others feel about Naked 3.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

i love the palette i use the first one from the left over my whole eye to make the others pop better


true dust and trick make me look like im trying to go for jem and the hologram auditions but it works great as  face illuminator lol , i think i just have to be REALLY gentle with it  and treat it like loose shadow


overall it looks beautiful



im new guinea in nars foundation

and mink in beccas if that helps give you idea of my skintone


so this palette is approved by at least this brown woman

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I love Naked3! Some of the colors are super similar to each other, but with time and effort, you can figure out various flattering and unique combos. I think I'm the only girl on the planet who loves Dust, hahaha. Applying it wet makes for a gorgeous shimmery mermaid look.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I am a woman of color (178 in mufe hd) I couldn't decide btwn naked 2 or 3...I bought naked 2 and I love sister (same complexion) bought 3 and hasn't used it yet.  She complains about fall out.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I have Naked 1 and really love it. I'll be curious what your sister thinks of Naked 3.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

If she hasn't used it yet how does she complain about the fall out? I'm just a little confused. @_@ The color Dust is the only one, in my palette anyway, hat has MAJOR fallout, my cheap Coastal Scents palettes don't even have fallout like that shade.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I'm really fond of the palette, and honestly, I don't use Dust by itself as it seems like a fallout-y hot mess. I just take some on my finger and pat it in the middle or all over my lid if I want more of a sparkle effect.


I think Strange is the worst color on my skin tone personally, but I'm going to find some kind of use for it. I know some people were worried about it not working on dark skin tones, but I think it's fine. 

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I always compare palettes to my UD Vice 2, which is my holy grail of palettes. This one just can't compete for me.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I'm not fond of Naked 3 and honestly wish I hadn't bought it. I have the original Naked palette and LOVE that one, but this one is just not my cup of tea. The colors are BEAUTIFUL in the pans, but on my eyes....not so much. 

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I think it's alright, to work with dust I apply the Too Faced Glitter Glue on my lids first and spray it with my chill setting pray by UD.. that's the only way I can get it to go on smooth and not fall all over my face.


I'm a light or light/medium skintone and some of the shades look a little mehhhh on me but overall I think it's okay.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I'm with you. It's okay. I'm not excited about it.

Re: Naked 3 verdict?

I think everyone who owns the palette hates Dust!  The fallout is awful, think UD fell down on the job with that color/formulation.


I like the palette, but then, I'm a pale strawberry blonde, so the colors work well on me. I can see where it might not work for darker skintones.

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