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I love using a bright eyeliner on the top lid. The other day I used sidecar, darkhorse and gunmetal with Ransom eyeliner. It was like a thunderstorm on my eyelids! Fuun!


LOL a thunderstorm on my eyelids .....................OMG TOO FUNNY


Hahaha "a thunderstorm on my eyelids" -- awesome! I'll have to try it.


Smiley Very Happy


PS: NAKED was sitting on the shelf at my local Sephora! I almost fell over. There were 4 or 5 of them just hanging out on the shelf -- I was surprised, because it's a huge flagship store -- very high traffic due to tourists, people like me who stop in obsessively during their lunch hours, etc. Maybe no one knows to look for it?




Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy



I'm very happy with the palette myself. I would have been pissed with the bait and switch, but I probably would have gotten over it. Smiley Happy

You should post a few pics in your review so we can  see your handiwork!


Well here is the look I did today... I took this at the end of the day to see if there was any fallout of the glitter or fallout of the actual color of sidecar ( A lot of people complained that either all the glitter fell out of sidecar on to their cheeks and all over their face OR that the glitter would stay but the color would disappear.) Well, I don't think either happened on me really I found like 2 or 3 specs of glitter on my cheeks, but it wasn't a ridiculous out of control amount.  Its hard to tell for the color fallout because sidecar is pretty similar to my own skin tone lol. But it still looks good to me and I don't have color all over my face. Another common complaint was that the colors are hard to blend... I didn't have a problem with that. Nor did I have a problem with any kind of fallout of any color (which was a huge complaint... too much fallout). In this pic I used Virgin in the inner corner, Dark horse on the outer corner, Sidecar in between those 2 colors, I used Naked in the crease and sin as a highlighter for my eyebrows... Sin did rub off, but I have a really bad habit of smoothing my eyebrows so thats probably why lol. Also, please excuse my eyebrows... I really need to wax and pluck them lol.






@sarithor: Great look,. I know a lot of people have been complaining about Sidecar, but if you are going to use UD, you're also going to have to love glitter and/or learn how to deal with fallout! I did experience fallout as I was applying, but that is to be expected. It stayed put throughout the day once it was on, though. Maybe the folks who were complaining about wear and fallout didn't use primer, which I always do and never have a problem. Did you use a primer?

But primer or no, I NEVER have a problem blending UD colors--ever. Unless I'm using a crappy brush, and I got rid of those a while back. LOL!

Keep posting looks!

I haven't figured out how to post pics in my messages, so I'll probably throw them in my image gallery once I take a few.




@mermadelove, yeah I used primer. Yeah, that was another complaint was the palette is mostly glitter, which isn't true.. they just aren't all matte lol. It says in the product dessription online and on the package that there are Matte, Satin, Shimmer, and Sparkle... but I think people who only use Matte colors or mostly matte, assume that if there is any shine to an eyeshadow its automatically a glitter to them. This is what I think the colors are;


Matte: Naked and Buck


Satin: Virgin and Hustle


Shimmer: Toasted and Half Baked


Sparkle: Sidecar, Smog, Dark Horse, Creep and Gunmetal.


Of course this is my personal opinion, just from looking at them under some light and swatching them on my skin. The ones I listed sparkle are the ones I noticed have glitter flecks in. Shimmer are the ones I noticed are shiny, but without glitter, Satin are the ones that from far away they almost look matte, but up close you notice their slight shine. Then the mattes are just obvious in this palette lol. But yes, I feel people were dissapointed cause they expected more matte colors, but really this is an Urban Decay Palette and they are notorious for sparkle and shine. I think this is the first time I've had matte colors from Urban Decay lol.



Jeez, I got my Naked Palette last summer the first time it was on I can't believe it's so popular. I mean, I get it - full size shadows, colors you can wear to work, full size pans.. but I didn't think it would have so much appeal. I'm much more of am unnatural color wearing girl.. but then again, I work in a place where I can wear whatever the hell I want (and I do), so I'm jaded I suppose.

I got on on the day of the launch last summer (June? July?) because the Vegan Palette was launching that morning and I was super excited about it - couldn't wait to try Minx and Gunmetal (neither ended up being a blow-your-mind color unfortunately) and the packaging looked amazing (which it is)! And no, I'm not vegan. I added the Vegan Palette to my shopping cart and sat back and thought, "I'll probably get that Naked Palette eventually, may as well do it now" - threw that guy in my cart, paid...


....And the next day, all hell broke loose online. People were so angry it was sold out in less than an hour! I honestly didn't know Urban Decay had that many fans.. I mean it wasn't long ago when I was the only person I knew who used it, and I figured even fewer people read the beauty blogs. Not so! I hope it's getting to a point where almost everyone who wants one has finally got their hands on one. I'm sorry I, in my own small way, delayed a rapid Naked fan from getting hers.

Truth is, I don't even use it that much.. maybe a dozen or so times since I bought it - I feel kinda guilty. Smiley Sad I do use Virgin as a highlighter close to every day. When I don't use Virgin I use Sellout (permanent color, but I use the one in Book of Shadows Volume 2). But I guess reading the hype online has been a bit of a letdown. I hope no one was disappointed after finally getting hers and reacting the way I did. I'm just glad I wasn't wound up about it in the first place. I hope I'm not coming off like a jerk here, it's not my intention.


No regrets though, I'm sure if I hadn't bought it I would be pining for it like everyone else. I collect Urban Decay palettes and I use UD shadow and liners exclusively so I definitely would've bought it eventually. Maybe I just need the right inspiration. Thanks Sarithor for posting that pretty look, I'll have to try it. Neutral/natural shadows just don't light my fire - I guess to me it seems like neutral/natural makeup doesn't look like anything special. How do you ladies feel about this? Do you notice when other women do a great job with neutral/natural makeup? I feel like I don't. It registers that she's wearing makeup, I wonder what products she uses, but that's about as far as it goes.


People who know me know I tell pointless stories. This post is one of them. lol sorry!


@Mymaserati... I totally understand where you're coming from. I originally got Naked back in September. The main reasons I wanted it were because I work in a conservative job so neutrals are the only look I can rock. Secondly, I LOVE UD's eyeshadows- they aren't just pigmented, but they're super blendable and affordable. Third, it's 12 full-sized shades for a great price and all in one convenient package. Like you, I also have a bunch of UD's palettes: BOS II, III, Ammo, Summer of Love, Pony, Black, Naked. I'm a girl who isn't afraid of color. I like creating bold looks just for fun. I also LOVE UD's 24/7 liners! I own them in 10 colors. That's the way that I usually get away with wearing neutrals to work and not be boring. I add a blue or purple or turquiose liner just to change things up from boring neutrals. Also, I've worn UD since I was a Freshman in HS. Back then, not a lot of people wore it. I acutally still have sets from Hard Candy when they were part of UD that I still love.

As far as packaging goes, I've always viewd UD as a company targeted towards the youth like mid-twenties and below. They're packaging is very colorful and eye-catching. Plus the colors in the palettes are a combo of bold and neutral and most are shimmery or glittery (Which I also love)! I was really surprised in a good way when Naked was released in July. The packaging was so understated even though it had the provacative word "Naked" printed across it, it still looked nice. Packaging wise, this palette is one of the few that UD has released that a grown woman wouldn't be embarassed to pull out in public. I honestly believe that the success of this palette is because it is universally appealing. I was the only one among my friends to have this palette, they all wanted one and tried it out and loved it. Some of my friends are lighter and darker in skintone than me and all of them created looks with this palette that were flattering.

Every woman has and wears neutrals, but the brands all vary in pigmentation and shimmer and matte consistencys. This one palette showcases every type of neutral and not in a boring way. It gives so many options, you can keep it matte for the work day, then add some shimmer for dinner after work Or you can use the darker shades to do a sultry smokey eye for a night out. This kit is also great to give to beginners who are just learning to do makeup. This kit is great for women who are afraid of using color- it's a great way to ease them into being more comfortable. Great for the makeup junkie who already own other palettes, these shades can be used in addition to the others. Yes, it's true that there are other neutral palettes out there- but honestly the Naked palette combines versatility, functionality and a bargain for the price. That said, Naked isn't the end all, be all of palettes either- it's just great have a set of neutrals that are already packaged together. The hysteria will die down and everyone who wants one will get one. I think that the palette lives up to the hype. But, I was already familiar with the quality of UD eyeshadows. What surprised me more about this whole Naked palette fiasco is how slowly it took UD to respond to the demand. That more than anything added to the fuel of the hype associated with the palette.


lol word! Urban Decay definitely got me through high school. Well, Urban Decay and Effexor, at least. 

I always liked the idea of Hard Candy but once I got the products home I wasn't all that thrilled. Colors I hoped would be shimmery would be matte, colors I hoped would pop would be too dark, etc. I must admit I used some sort of Hard Candy shimmery stuff today as blush and it took me back. I did a sort-of naked eye (well, for me) - put Toasted all over and did a "V" of Romp (from the Midnight Cowboy palette) in the crease. Probably a bit much just to take my shiba to the vet but I enjoyed myself. ;D

Haha, end-all be-all of palettes. You are right - all good points. 


Within a week of getting my Naked Palette a little drop of lotion fell on it, and when I rubbed it off it totally removed the felt/velvety stuff from that part of the case. I was crushed. I know it's not a big deal but my palette being no longer visually immaculate is an additional turn-off.  Smiley Sad oh the woes of the upper-middle class.. how will I live with the destruction caused by a drop of lotion?! (Not trying to be a jerk - just trying to put it in perspective for myself)




LOL- "Oh the woes of the upper-middle class!"  The hype of the Naked palette gave the impression, that it's the best palette ever created. I think that's the reason why some who've finally gotten it are so disappointed in it. I love my palette and will always recommend it- but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't have it.


I emphatize with your pain, my baby neice got a hold of my palette and gnawed on one of the corners, so it's not only missing some velvet, but it also slightly dented. Luckly, the shadows are still perfect Woman Very Happy I really love the Hard Candy nail polishes! Even the line out at Walmart got me a bit nostalgic, I love the cheesy plastic rings!! I always liked their packaging more than the quality of makeup.


I loved Hard Candy back in the Day. I used to use their nail polish and their glitters in the late 90's. A few years back I got a palette from HArd Candy and I ended up throwing it away. I was sorely disappointed in their quality these days.


oooooooo i remember hard candy it was always so fun looking the quality wasn't really there in the makeup . does anyone remember fetish makeup their makeup line was really colourful as well and the packaging was really nice . i got an eye shadow in 97 and i still have it .


Personally, I wanted the Naked Palette cause I liked how the colors stood out more than just regular naked normal colors normally do. These are more flashy naked colors. Believe me, I love bold, bright, crazy colors. But I noticed the older I get, the more tame I get with my make up. When I was 16-21 I would wear rainbows of colors everyday! I mean I did the works. 22-25 (my age now) I've noticed, I have tamed it down a lot. I still wear colors, but I wear one vibrant color and the rest are to tone down that one vibrant color, so it doesn't look extreme, its just more of a surprise when you look at my eyes. Not a BAM! in your face look! The only time I go extreme now, is on special occasions, like Holidays lol. Halloween of course, New Years (all though this year I didn't go too crazy if you seen my post), Saint Patty's Day, 4th of July, My birthday (Nov. 13th is always a holiday in my book lol) Things like that.


Since, I've started to tone things down, when I saw the UD Naked Palette and I saw the colors were more neutral, but with a little kick to them, thats when I really started to want it. So I can do everyday looks, but still feel like I'm standing out, rather than blending in (again without being extreme about it).


I do notice natural make up on women though. I really always loved the look of wearing make up without wearing make up.  I think it shows that woman's confident off a little more.  To me, it says she loves her natural beauty, she just wants to highlight it and display it more. Rather than some one who puts tons of dark, or crazy colors or completely tries to change their own looks with make up. Not to say, you're not confident if you do that, its just that your confidence isn't as noticeable if you do. I think thats why guys are more receptive to girls who look like they are wearing less make up. Cause they can see their confidence shine through more. I'm a pretty confident person. I actually go out without make up on, more often than I do with it on. This is my face... I've accepted it, take it or leave it lol. I wasn't even wearing make up the first few times I hung out with my husband, when we were dating. I didn't wear make up until he took me out on a real date, rather than, just hanging out at his friends house haha. I figured it was a real date, so it required a real effort lol.


So, yeah... thats my reason why I really wanted the UD Naked Palette. I'm not really a collector of Urban Decay. I'm not a real collector of one specific brand to be honest. I have my favorites, but I don't buy everything they come out with. I'm just a collector of all make up, period. Drug Store or High end retail, doesn't matter to me as long as its effective!


I wanted the Naked palette for a host of reasons:

1) I love Urban Decay's products. I consistently get excellent results from them.

2) I have wanted a palette of neutrals for a while. I haven't seen one that grabbed my attention as much as Naked. I didn't want a palette full of matte colors, and I wanted a LITTLE bit of pow even with my neutrals, because that's just me. I love to do enhanced natural looks because it's fun and a little glamorous. I have also been known to do makeup so natural you can't tell I'm wearing makeup unless you're really good. I can do both with this palette-- and then some.

It was just the perfect palette for what I was needing, especially for work.

3) The Value. Enough said!

4)Portability for travel. I was excited to be able to do high drama as well as nearly natural on the go, with just a few colorful eyeliners and a mascara  as my extra pieces.

That was enough reason for me!



P.S. to put a picture in your message, on the toolbar in the box you write your responses, there is a little picture of a tree. Click on that, and you can either browse for a picture on your computer, use a picture from your gallery, or use a picture from another site. Then you just insert it. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I played around with it a bit until I got it mostly figured out.


@sarithor: Thanks for the info! Smiley Happy


Today's look. Sin in the inner corner, Toasted in the middle of the eyelid, gunmetal on the outer corner, Naked a little above the crease, and Virgin as the eyebrow highlighter. wet and wild black liquid liner for the upper lash line. Oh and Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Mascara. 




Oh yeah and I use Zero to line them.

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