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My new favorite palette

I received the new Laura Mercier Artist's Palette on Monday and am in complete love with it.  The color are ones I have seen before, but these are so soft to the touch.  They glide on and blend with ease.  Ohhh and I should mentioned THANK YOU for not putting a black eyeshadow in this palette.  I love purple and brown eye shadows more than any other colors, so this is perfect for me.


Re: My new favorite palette

wow, this looks so pretty!! 

Re: My new favorite palette

I just ordered it! The colors are just different enough from all the neutrals that I have, but still neutral enough for me to wear every day. I kept looking at it after reading about it in another post, and today I broke down and ordered it.


I'm so glad to hear you love it. Now I'm really anxious to get it. Probably by Friday!


And yay, no black eyeshadow!!

Re: My new favorite palette

Glad to hear that you found a palette that you love.  It looks very tempting.  Does it have a lot of glitter or shimmer on it?

Re: My new favorite palette

I was just eyeing that palette. Very very pretty! I've been really into neutrals recently. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: My new favorite palette

This palette is on my list.  The colors are just different enough from what I have.  It will be a nice addition.

Re: My new favorite palette

I have one of Laura's old palettes and the shadows are super smooth!Smiley Happy I also like that it comes with a decent amount of mattes which are perfect for the crease.

<3 Melissa

Re: My new favorite palette

Just to put this into perspective  I own over 50 palettes.  They are the focal point of my makeup collection.

African Violet has some glitter in it, but it is very fine and didn't fall off my lids at all.  Guava, Primrose and Bamboo are shimmery.  The other 8 shades are matte.

I am seriously considering buying another one for myself. 

Re: My new favorite palette

Anyone know when they're arriving in the brick and mortar stores? As of last Thursday, they weren't in yet.  I kind of want to pick one up in person, for some reason. 

Re: My new favorite palette

Ohhh like!  I love browns and neutrals but sometimes enjoy moving into purples.  And I am definitely an eyeshadow palette addict too.

Re: My new favorite palette

so I just added this to my "heart" list. So pretty. Im trying to find a nice palette for my Bday in November!

Re: My new favorite palette

This one will definitely be added to my collection soon.  Ever since someone posted about it last week I've had it on my loves list and I'm seriously itching to buy it but have told myself I'll wait for F&F in November (fingers crossed I'm not just waiting for nothing lol). I love that you have over 50 palettes...I'm a little obsessed and it makes me feel so much better knowing there are other people out there who like them even more than I do ;-)

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