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More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

Okay well first off this post isn't to like bash Sephora or any expensive makeup brands or anyone! It's just my experience, and I'm just hoping to maybe give another option to people who don't have money to buy lots of expensive makeup Smiley Happy


Anyway, I've had soo much trouble finding eyeliners.  First, I tried a few drugstore products including Almay intense-i-color eyeliner (pencil) , Covergirl Liquilast Eyeliner (pencil), Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner (pencil), L'Oreal H.I.P. Cream Liner (cream), Avon brand liquid liner, Maybelline Ultra Liner (liquid), Physician's Formula Eyeliner (cream liner), and various others.  They DID NOT work for me!  So, of course, I decided to check out sephora since it's more expensive and I've heard great things about it!


So, I tried Sephora's Flashy LIner (pencil) and Sephora's Retractable Waterproof liner (pencil).  They didnt work.  I tried Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes eyeliner (pencil) and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Liner (pencil), and they both did NOT work.  I went and tried Sephora's Long Last Liquid Liner (liquid) and another liquid that didn't work.  Then, I went and bought Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Cream Shadow (cream, used as liner).  It worked, but I didn't really like it because I have shaky hands and couldn't get a smooth line.   


FINALLY, all I had was the cream liner (MUFE).  But, I had a party and wanted a pencil to bring with me for touch ups.  I went to CVS and bought Revlon Colorstay Liner (pencil), and had a coupon so I bought L'Oreal HIP Liner (PENCIL).  I tried them both, alone, within the next two days and ..... OMG.  They BOTH worked AMAZING.  Five times longer lasting than any other liners I've tried, including the Sephora ones.  They didn't smudge, were creamy, didn't droop, and stayed on SUPER long!


I even took a 10 minute long shower, in HOT water, and rubbed my eyes several times.  When I got out of the shower, Loreal liner was slightly smudged, but only in the corners.  REVLON was not smeared AT ALL!! It looked like I had JUST put it on!  I was amazed!!


So, I thought I'd post this, just so that maybe if someone is having as bad luck as me, maybe they could try something else before breaking the bank for Sephora (especially if your a broke teen like me Smiley Tongue )



Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....


Okay, I totally know what you mean! I've tried really expensive things and they hardly work (I only kept using them because I'm a broke teen too! Smiley Wink) I've used really expensive shampoos because I have really crazy curly hair only to find that Mane and Tail (you know, the horse shampoo, and it's kind of cool because I ride horses!) works way better! Thank god Sephora has a lifetime return policy! The only thing I can truly say more $$ is better to is my Clarisonic Mia! That thing is worth every penny, and, "Baby Mia" (nicknamed that cause' it's tiny Smiley Tongue) is here to stay! But, yeah, drugstore make-up has totally improved. I'm a huge fan of Sonia Kashuk makeup from Target. It's not too expensive, and easy to get my hands on (we don't have a Sephora near where I live Smiley Sad). I would recommend it! Oh and face creams. Try the Garnier Moisture Renew Refreshing Gel-Cream. It's only about $7 at Target and is was nicer than more expensive creams I have tried!

Great thread!



Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

hmmm... it seems that you had sufficiently broken the bank trying all those drugstore brands as well! You did say the MUFE one worked but your technique is a but shaky but it did work so i guess it's still up in the air.

I for one am not afraid to try out drugstore brands because like i've said before, drugstore make-up has come a looooooong way to the point where yes there are some products that have high end products beat.

But your experience proves that sometimes you will spend just as much money sifting through drugstore brands as you will buying a higher-end brand. At least with sephora you can return the product and you can test it out before you buy. I think that's a major plus.

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

I definitely agree to this one. I constantly sifted through drug store brands and now have shelves of foundation and/or other products that just did not agree. The up side is if you are ever in a make-up emergency you can just turn to your drug store rejects. :-)

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

Check out  It is free and a pretty good comparison of many many many different labels.  That way you have a good sense of how things check out before heading to the store. 


Also, keep your reciepts and return stuff.  Even most drugstores have strong return policies now.

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

Depends on the products  you buy as well.  I find that some of the drugstore products, especially the foundations, tend to make skin look dull, due to the lower pigmentation of the product.

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

I agree! *heart*


I used to buy brand name and drugstore makeup wipes, and "Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues" turned out to work just as well, and only cost $2 for 60 tissues, at Big Lots. 


Thanks for the eye liner tip! I dont wear it, but my mom does, and hers *always* gets into her eyes ( we live in the hot and humid south). Will def. get one of those eye liners for her and put it into her mothers day basket!


love this thread!

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

Try eyeslipsface also known as E.L.F. They have $1 sales and everything is substantially cheaper. Just know you get what you pay for. Not everything is grade A, but from personal experience their lip glosses are stellar! Also sometimes Revlon at Rite Aid has buy one get the other 50% off every now and then. Coastal Scents is also pretty decent quality eye shadow.


The thing about pricier make up is you pay more for the brand name than you do for the quality. This may be the case for eye liners and eye shadows, but I am all for paying for paying a little extra for foundation. That's my only advice. That and paying a little extra for skin care. Laura Mercier, MUFE, and Shiseido are my favorites for foundation.

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

I'm a huge fan of the revlon colorstay pencil liners, I'm just into revlon in general. Used to hate it in high school lol. But, I get what you mean about expensive products not always being good. Smashbox Bionic mascara? Terrible. I know I'm going to break a lot of hearts but Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, good but nothing special. Just make sure to do your homework on products before buying them. Sephora has a lot of great products, and others that just don't work for everyone. But keep in mind, Sephora has an awesome return policy, so if you are pleased with the product they will refund the money.


Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

I agree with you that there are some good inexpensive cosmetics that get overlooked lots of times.  I like NYX eyeshadows, Revlon Lip Gloss and I think the entire L'Oreal HIP line is very good.  L'Oreal HIP products are highly pigmented and stay on great.  I especially like their loose pigments.

Smiley Happy

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

I know that Clinique is pretty cheap compared to some other makeup brands. I used the rum spice eyeshadow as a liner going to a pool party (without a primer). I chose to go with an eyeshadow instead of a liner so if it smudged it wouldn't be too noticeable. It stayed on the ENTIRE time! I went on water slides, underwater without goggles, being splashed in the face, raining, and a shower (more than 6 hours) and it stayed on with no touchups. So sometimes eyeshadows can be just as powerful as eyeliners. 

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

Hello!  Here's my two cents:  I love Great Lash Waterproof Mascara --  it's one of the only mascaras that work for me.  I also like the HIP line.  And my favorite eyeliners and eyeshadows on Sephora are Sephora's. Which are the  cheapest on the site.  Oh, and their lip liners too.  That's all.

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

Well let me just start by saying I am glad you finally found what you were looking for! Now, most of my life I have been known as a makeup snob but this is only because I discovered in my early teen years that drugstore makeup breaks me out in hives. Not all, just some. So I dont even attempt to go there with foundation, powder, blush...But if I had to pick 2 drugstore brands they would be LOreal and Revlon. I have had good fortune with their eyeliners, lipliners, and lipsticks. Would not venture to try much else though. Anything covering major areas of my face will be high end brands. But for those of you that can do drugstore makeup, rock it! Robot Happy

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

I completely agree. 


I've tried nearly every single waterproof mascara at my local sephora, and turned around to find Maybeline 'The Turbo Volume Express" to work 110% better. I truely believe that some of the best make up is found at drug stores/like stores. Like my Coastal Scents palette which is in the same price range as drug store make up, whoops my Stila palette, my mac eye shadows, basically any eye shadows I own. 

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

Awesome post! I'm a broke teen too, been spending wayyyy too much money on makeup haha Smiley Happy I personally love ELF, or eyeslipsface (dot) com. Most of their products are under $5, and they are high quality Smiley Happy As if a ton of one dollar products wasn't good enough, they frequently have sales for half off a certain line, or even the whole store! Definitely go check them out if you like fairly high quality stuff for the cheapest prices. Of course, they're not as high quality as, say, MAC or YSL, which would never have a dollar product, but for the price it's amazing quality.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....

I have to admit I use  drugstore stuff too. I love maybelline lipstick / eyeshadows. Rimmel has good mascara. I usually buy a cheap drugstore version of something I want to try at first to make sure I like it, and then purchase a nicer one if I actually use it. But I think that UD 24/7 eye pencils are amazing.. idk why they didnt work for you ._.

Re: More $$ Isn't Always Better ....


I use a few drug store products too. I recently discovered Revlon's colorstay foundation is a great dupe for MUFE HD foundation. And so much cheaper! My favorite gel eyeliner is Maybelline eye studio. Stays on forever! I also love Covergirls lashblast fusion mascara. Oh, and Milani makes an awesome bronzer! Smiley Happy

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