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Mineral shadows and pigments

does anyone know if and how you can press loose mineral shadows and pigmants?

Re: Mineral shadows and pigments

depends on the brand and if they have a base and pressing medium already added or not. I press all the time and used to own a mineral make up company. If you are fixing a broken pressed  shadow, chances are high it already has a medium mixed in to it which is why just adding alcohol is effective. Mac pigments have a medium already in there so all you need is isp. The higher the level the better, I usually use 90%.


but if you are using loose pigments from other places you will most likely need a pressing medium oil to add. this will help the eyeshadow stay bonded together after the rubbing alcohol has evaporated. i use a eyedropper and add a few drops of isp to the pan with a few scoops of powder, mix until i get the consistency of wet sand and then mix in the oil, usually about 6 drops per 27mm pan of the brand i use. after mixed in well i drop the pan a few times to help bring the air pockets up and pop them. I allow this to half dry for about 1-2 hours and then place a piece of fabric over the pan and take a pressing tile or quarter and place it in the pan and press very hard a few times. Then i place a heavy book over it and leave it there over night and voila, pressed shadow. If you would like i can do a pan up and take some step by step photos. Just let me know. Smiley Happy

Re: Mineral shadows and pigments

Easy peasy answer: rubbing alcohol, believe it or not.


This method is great to fix broken pressed shadows and create your own. Though there are mixing mediums available on the market, rubbing alcohol works just as well and costs next to nothing to buy.


First thing first, either have loose pigments/shadows ready or ground/crush up your broken shadow into as fine of a powder as possible. Have your empty well/pan ready on hand, you can either mix in the pan directly or in a separate bowl. Add about half a cap of alcohol and half of the shadow or at small amounts at a time, mixing until smooth. This will create a rich, pigmented paste, if the consistency is too thick or dry, add a couple of drops of alcohol, if it's too wet, add more powder/shadow.


Once it's mixed, smooth/level it out in the pan, you can use a straight edge like a credit card to even the texture on top and let dry. Once dry, it binds the powder together! This works to fix broken blushes, powders, and bronzers as well!

Re: Mineral shadows and pigments

Bonus points: Put a piece of fabric over it with a clamp to get the same texture most new-outta-the-package eyeshadows have Smiley Happy

Re: Mineral shadows and pigments

@lylysa - thank you for this wonderful tip!  I have a shadow that i really like, sadly it broke during the shipping process.  I was so upset and wondered if it could be fixed. I'll have to try it out when I have a chance!

Re: Mineral shadows and pigments

You're welcome! Smiley Happy The key with a powder that is already pressed is grounding it up to be super fine, the smoother it is, the better it will mix and dry with an even texture.



Re: Mineral shadows and pigments

I'm going to 'mess' up a shadow/blush just to experiment!!! I looove playing with makeup, even if that means messing it up to fix it! Experiments are experiments, right?!?!

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