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Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

Hi folks, just wondering if what everyone's thoughts were on matte eyeshadows.  Honestly I love love love shimmers and had no use for mattes, like, EVARRRRR, but last year I noticed that more and more brands are putting out more matte shadows.  Like Lorac Pro with half mattes, Laura Mercier, Stila In the Know, and at the end of the year even UD jumped on the bandwagon with Naked Basics.


Also noticed youtube gurus like gossmakeupartist and marlena the beautygeek or whatever mentioning that shimmer highlight "looks so eighties" and they prefer mattes now.


What's happening here?  Are my beloved shimmers indeed "out" now?  What do you guys think?

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I am a huge fan of shimmer eyeshadows too, but I see how mattes can be a good addition to a collection. First, mattes can provide a nice contrast in the crease or as a highlight color on an otherwise shimmery eye look. Also, if you are going to fill in your brows, matte eyeshadows can function as brow powders. I think that shimmer all over the eye can look a little overpowering sometimes and you need some matte shadows for definition and contrast.

Hope this helped you!



Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I love shimmer and sparkles also. But Mattes are good, especially in use with the shiimmer. I'm actually pleasantly surprised to see more of the mattes as it was really becoming quite difficult to find any good ones. 

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I prefer the look of shimmery shadows on my eyes, but it can really depend on the all over look you're going for if you reach for the shimmers or mattes.  I rarely wear an entire matte look, unless I am going for a sultry cat eye and red lips.  Matte shadow looks amazing.  I will also use a matte in the crease with a shimmery base.  I find it gives the look some balance and depth.

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

The only matte shades I own is my UD naked basics. You know...I have yet to get used to matte shades because I usually wear shimmer. I dont like glitter because I wear contacts and it gets in my eye and scratches/irritates me but I still use it because I have a lot of great urban decay shades with glitter and I dont want to waste them. But pure glitter? No way. Matte shades arent as pretty as shimmer ones, but they do look more natural/polished.


Shimmer is my number one though! I know that a lot of older women like mattes because it doesnt highlight imperfections as much as shimmer does. I cant tell you how many reviews I read that talked about that.

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