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Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

Hi folks, just wondering if what everyone's thoughts were on matte eyeshadows.  Honestly I love love love shimmers and had no use for mattes, like, EVARRRRR, but last year I noticed that more and more brands are putting out more matte shadows.  Like Lorac Pro with half mattes, Laura Mercier, Stila In the Know, and at the end of the year even UD jumped on the bandwagon with Naked Basics.


Also noticed youtube gurus like gossmakeupartist and marlena the beautygeek or whatever mentioning that shimmer highlight "looks so eighties" and they prefer mattes now.


What's happening here?  Are my beloved shimmers indeed "out" now?  What do you guys think?

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I like dark, matte shades at the outer corners of my eyelids, but for all over the eyelid, I tend to like shades with just a slightly shimmery finish (not glittery, though!). I guess it depends -- but I do find that shadows with a slight iridescent finish (even if they appear matte in the pan) are more user friendly for me.

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I don't think shimmers will ever be "out" completely! Maybe mattes are making a comeback but I feel like it depends on the occasion for me. I wear shimmers when I want to stand out and mattes for everyday wear. I just feel like mattes are less distracting to the eye on a daily basis, but I love myself some shimmer when I do use it. Shimmers pop so well in the eyelid and just in general!


The new matte trend is kind of nice though, I'm liking the palettes coming out right now. They've all got such earthy colors to them! I love the neutral look and matte finishes just work really well for that!

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I love the matte ones. I like shimmer, too, but I have oily skin and sometimes I want a glossy lip to be the focus, which doesn't work if I have shiny face and shiny eyes along with it, so I do matte skin/eyes with super glossy lips.


Matte shadows are great for the no make up look, or as a base for the shimmery shadow for me. I like variety, so I like the fact there's more matte, altho I don't think shimmers are going anywhere soon.

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

Hi drrragon!

I've noticed the same, lots of matte palettes trending which is fun for me since I've realized shimmers just don't work on my huge eyes anymore as I get older! Smiley Happy

The only thing is, a bit of variety is good! I do love shimmer shadows and love mixing and matching with them, they're so girly and give a great highlight! We even have a new Kat Von D matte palette coming out which (shocking!) has more color variation and less of the same matte nudes everyone else is making! That will be fun to take a look at but I agree, matte shadows are DEFINITELY a huge trend now but as spring and summer are coming soon, I wouldn't be surprised to see more of the light, shimmery and glimmery shadows arriving back.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

oh wow I didn't know about the KVD all-matte palette!  oh I can't wait to see it, her eye shadows are totally gorgeous!  And yes, something that's not all nudes would be a nice refreshing change.  I'm sure we can bet on Kat to pick interesting colors Smiley Happy


Honestly I never got into the whole nude craze.  I just really don't like putting endless variations of brown on my lids.  If someone created a neutral palette with grays and taupes (if they were grayish taupes) I'd go wild for that though.  A nice shimmery gray looks so pretty matched with pink, purple, or blue.

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I know! I am right there with you on that one! It really does seem that everyone is pushing for matte eyeshadows, and companies keep coming out with matte palettes. After buying a couple of matte palettes and playing around with them, I must say that a completely matte eye look just isn't for me either. A matte highlight or crease color is one thing, but a total matte eye just doesn't look right on me for some reason. I guess it's because my skin gets oily. Wish I would have known that it wasn't for me before I bought 3 matte palettes! lol

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

I know, right??? I have soooo many shimmers and I love them but *shudder* who wants to look "so eighties" hahaha.  I agree with the natural look though, and since I bought the Laura Mercier Artist Palette (with half mattes) I've had so much fun exploring the new subtle looks I'm able to achieve and I think it's helped me with my blending skills a lot too.

Re: Matte Eyeshadows trending now?

Drrragon, I love love love shimmers so much. They are always my go-to for eyeshadow. BUT, I will say, lately, I don't know I have been gravitating towards matte shadows! I think they are very pretty because they look so natural and subtle. I think the makeup trend as of late, is and should be, natural. Everyone wants to look natural, even with makeup, and matte gives a natural look. But, I will say, I don't know if I could ever let go of my shimmers forever Smiley Happy

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