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im trying to find a great masacara that is very black in color, seperates eyelashes really well that does not smear or create clumps

Re: Mascara

There are 2 mascaras that I really like -- Peter Thomas Roth's Lashes To Die For and Benefit's They're Real!


But that being said, it stood out for me that you are searching for a mascara that is "very black in color"... are your natural lashes a light shade?


The best makeup trick for creating an impact on your lashes is to take black liquid eyeliner (I use Kat Von D's) and "paint" your lashes at the root, then upward. You can also apply the liquid eyeliner to the teeth of a lash comb and then comb it downwards and upwards through your lashes.



Re: Mascara

I am also on a quest for a great mascara that separates lashes and makes them look great (volume, length, curl). So far I don't think I've found anything that I like better than what I used before- Maybelline's Falsies, although other Maybelline mascaras work well too (more fullness). I have tried Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes and it was clumpy and straightened out my curled lashes.  I also tried Benefit's They're Real and I found that to be clumpy as well. I'm going to try Diorshow, and then I also have recommendations for Maybelline's Full n Soft and Revlon Grow.

Re: Mascara

The Diorshow mascara or the diorshow black out mascara would be two great choices for you to look at. Also wanted to add the YSL faux cils and the YSL shocking. Hope this helps!

Re: Mascara

Hi. I just bought the Diorshow and it smeared horribly. I live in a very humid environment. Just FYI.

Re: Mascara

I'm liking Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes.  Separates nicely, adds volume, and, so far, no clumping, shedding, or smearing.

Re: Mascara

Benefit Badgal lash Mascara! It's not clumpy at all, I love how it makes my lashes look.

Re: Mascara

Clinique's High Definition Lashes "Brush Then Comb" mascara, HANDS DOWN. This is the best mascara I have ever used! It's a little tricky to get used to the comb side but be patient with it - it is so worth it! It's very black and separates and defines each and every lash. Definitely the one mascara I can not live without!

Re: Mascara

From what I've tried...the best ones for separation and definition w/o clumps or fallouts is armani eyes to kill mascara or chanel inimitable intense...the only thing is...sephora doesn't carry them. Fairy drops is good too if you know how to apply it. I've gone through lots of mascara...I think diorshow is overrated, Benefit they're real is clumpy...bad gal is way better but has tendency to have fallouts by the end of the day especially if you have oily skin, lancome hypnose is ok, Guerlain le still undecided...its not consistent.

Re: Mascara

I swear by Benefit They're Real.I will never use anotherkind.Ever!!!

Re: Mascara

My impressions from my trials


Benefits They're real - It can clump.  The individual lashes look thinker but doesnt seem to stay all day


Diorshow - lengthens but not alot of volumn.  Lasts all day


DIor Overcurl - Holds the curl, lengthens nicely, lasts all day


Lancome Hypno Drama, Hypno Star.  lengthens with overall fuller lashes (not stand out invidual like benefits) and lasts all day


Maybelline Great lash - clumps


Stila Stay all day - Okay but nothing outstanding.


I just rec's a Tarte mascara (?) with purchase of curler..trying that next.

Re: Mascara

The stuff I've used from Diorshow has been the best for separation and definition. I just started using their newest Iconic Overcurl and I reallyyyyy love it, but for definition, my fave was just their Diorshow Iconic Mascara.


I found it had really good lasting power and I live in North Carolina, which I find to be really humid... but I'm Canadian, so goodness knows if it really is.

Re: Mascara

If you're looking for length & separation, Givenchy Penomen Eyes is perfect. The ball applicator works really well at separating the lashes & getting the shorter ones in the corner. It's easy to build without clumps. 

Re: Mascara

Hi Soles, have you looked at the DiorShow Blackout mascaras? They are super rich and dark in pigment.


Diorshow Black Out Mascara


The Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer is another close item to try, super dark, glossy and intense lacquer to add depth and volume to your lashes:


Film Noir Lash Lacquer



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Mascara

Chances are that  if you go to the Maybaline section, stick out your hand and pick on then your good! lol but for what your talking about i would try the mega pluch mascara!!

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